Julie Chen Moonves Dresses Up As Memorable ‘Big Brother’ Player & Fans Think She’s Teasing An All-Stars Season

Michael Loccisano/Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Julie Chen Moonves is being cryptic again. The longtime Big Brother host took to Twitter to post a photo of herself dressed as a memorable Big Brother player. But what’s her end game?

A few days after she posted a random photo of the Big Brother Diary Room captioned with eyeball and winky face emojis, Chen posted a video of herself dressed as Zach Rance, the hilarious Big Brother houseguest who caused a ruckus during Season 16 of the CBS reality show.

In the Twitter video, which you can see below, Chen is wearing a sideways baseball cap and a signature Florida Gators t-shirt while holding a box of Froot Loops cereal. Fans of the long-running reality show know that Rance sometimes insulted his Big Brother housemates by calling them “Froot Loop dingus.”

It’s no surprise that Chen’s tweet garnered hundreds of comments from die-hard Big Brother fans who hope she is teasing an all-stars season, possibly with Rance back in the house.

“Are we hinting at an all-star season finally?” one fan asked.

“What is the meaning of this Julie? Implying that certain houseguests will be returning?” another asked.

“Julie you better have an All-Stars season in your back pocket for us please!!!!” a third follower wrote.

‘Don’t troll us Julie! This better be an all-stars tease,” wrote a fourth.

Of course, Big Brother fans are on high alert because, one day after Chen posted her cryptic Diary Room pic, Big Brother legend Evel Dick Donato tweeted a photo of Big Brother-branded luggage with his name on the tag.

Donato won the eighth season of the CBS reality show and returned briefly during Season 13. Why would he be posting a Big Brother photo so many years later?

Fans have been hoping another Big Brother all-stars season for years, ever since the show’s one and only season of returning houseguests aired back in 2007. There have been 14 full seasons of Big Brother since then, which means there are a lot more all-star players to choose from.

And with Chen’s Diary Room and Evel’s luggage pic, an all-stars tease has to be what it is, right?

That might not be the case after all. While all signs point to the fact that something is up, it may not be what rabid Big Brother fans have been hoping for.

In what could be considered a major buzzkill, Chen posted more photos of her Zach Rance impersonation to Instagram where she explained that in honor of Halloween, she is dressing up in some of the most memorable “looks” from Big Brother houseguests over the years.

Even though Chen says her post is just Halloween hijinks, it is strange that she’s posting Big Brother-related stuff at all in late October. A wintertime Celebrity Big Brother season has not yet been announced, but that’s what she would normally be teasing next — usually sometime after the holidays.

So maybe there is something to this all-stars hype. Or maybe the Big Brother queen is just posting Halloween costumes.

Stay tuned, because this story probably isn’t over.