Instagram Hottie Niece Waidhofer Sizzles In Sexy Catwoman Costume

Niece WaidhoferInstagram

Internet celebrity Niece Waidhofer has been on a roll lately. The brunette beauty has been updating her Instagram account with seriously sexy posts the last couple of days, and her latest Catwoman costume might be among her hottest of all time.

In the snap, Niece wore a leather corset with a lace front and garter straps, along with a pair of black mesh panties. The corset had silver grommets and the shoulder and garter straps with small chain links. Niece paired the look with a pair of black thigh-high stockings to add an extra dose of sex appeal to the look. To complete the outfit, the beauty wore a black Catwoman mask that featured silver studs.

The photo captured Niece laying on a thick fur rug with her head near the bottom corner of the photo. The angle put Niece’s body on display, with an emphasis on her voluptuous chest as it almost spilled out of the corset. With one hand gripping one of her shoulder straps, she gave the camera a sultry look. The outfit also put the beauty’s flat abs and toned thighs on display.

While most of her face was obscured with the mask, Niece’s makeup featured sculpted brows, thick lashes, and a gloss on her lips.

In the caption, Niece indicated that the post was the result of someone making a mistake — perhaps in a relationship with her. The topic of what happened in the relationship took on a life of its own in the comment section, but that did not stop Niece’s followers from also commenting on the outfit and how hot she looked in it.

“Love all your pictures. There isn’t a bad pic of you,” one follower wrote.

“Great Catwoman outfit. As good as Halle Berry looked as Catwoman, she can’t hold a candle to you in that outfit as Catwoman,” said a second follower.

“Awesome! Love this look!” a third admirer chimed in.

It seems Niece knows how to get the attention of her 1 million followers, whether she is having relationship troubles or not. Her Instagram page is filled with semi-nude photos with a hint of bondage that always show quite a bit of skin. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the stunner recently rocked a dominatrix-inspired outfit. Earlier in the month, she shared a photo in which she looked amazing in a dark angel costume.

Those wanting to keep up with Niece can follow her on Instagram.