October 28, 2019
'World's Sexiest Nurse' Lauren Drain Sizzles In Hot Red Lingerie For Revealing Pre-Pregnancy Throwback

Lauren Drain's social media has mostly been showcasing her pregnancy of late. However, her latest Instagram update offered a sexy look from back in the day.

Lauren's photo showed her rocking some racy lingerie as she posed in a muscle-flaunting position. Lauren was standing with her back to a mirror and shot full-length as she wore a sexy bra-and-panties set in hot red with silver rhinestone details. Lauren's plunging bra offered minimal coverage and showed off her ample assets. The ante was upped even more by the blonde's briefs, which boasted a little sheer fabric. The red ensemble was a sizzling one, and the crystal embellishments on the bra and brief's waistband added some fun.

The "World's Sexiest Nurse" stood with her hips slightly swung backward and one toe a little pointed. This afforded a fantastic view of her steely-strong thighs and toned calves, although the entire ensemble was doing wonders for flaunting the model and social media sensation's ripped body. Lauren's flat stomach and abs were on show but, unfortunately, folded arms blocked a view of her biceps.

Lauren's long blond hair was down and fell over her shoulder as she gazed downward.

A caption from Lauren was geared toward her fitness program that provides an income for her. It mentioned her status as a nurse, alongside outlining what her program offers. The caption closed with a mention of Lauren's website, where fans can find out more about the fitness fiend's offerings.

The update quickly proved popular, racking up over 6,500 likes in 45 minutes. Fan comments poured in from the moment the update went live.

"Wow sexy babe," one fan wrote.

"Sexy," another added.

Today's post definitely contrasted yesterday's. There, the six-months-pregnant Lauren was in a medical facility after experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. The Instagram post showing Lauren lying in a bed and being attended to by a medical professional came captioned with what the star was going through.

"PREGNANCY SCARE I had just finished eating brunch when I started to feel really uncomfortable, distended & queasy. We were on our way back home & all of the sudden I had this sharp shooting pain radiate down my back causing me to double over in pain in the car. I have had Braxton Hicks before but this was different, very sudden, very sharp shooting pain that came on in multiple waves 2 minutes apart lasting up to a minute bringing me to tears and panic," Lauren wrote.

"Praying no more issues since baby Aria is not due to arrive until January 2020," she added.