Miley Cyrus Gets A Kick Out Of Fans Dressing As Her For Halloween, Shares Pictures On Instagram

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Miley Cyrus is sharing pictures of her fans dressed up as her for Halloween on her Instagram account, and she’s calling the event Miley-Ween.

For decades, it’s been a thing to dress up as people or characters that are part of the popular culture. Go to any costume shop and you’ll likely find Donald Trump masks, for example, or perhaps costumes designed to make you look like Cher or Khal Drogo.

Miley Cyrus is one such pop culture icon that many people choose to model their Halloween looks after. Not unlike her colleague in pop music, Lady Gaga, Miley is known for elaborate and boundary-pushing costumes, sometimes that are a few threads of cloth away from being nudity. Others are well-crafted, if a bit outrageous, but nevertheless, they easily invite cosplay.

Miley, seemingly enjoying the attention, is sharing the pictures on her Instagram account. She’s even referring to the pics collectively as “Miley-Ween.”

In fact, she’s even inviting it, telling her fans in a caption that she wants them to tag her if they post a picture of themself dressed as Miley.

Getting The Pose Just Right?

Just as important as getting the outfit right is making sure that you’re posed in the same way as your inspiration. This cosplayer not only got the outfit right, but the pose, as well.

Getting The Attitude Right, Too

Miley is a living juxtaposition of her current career and her previous career. She’s gone from a wholesome preteen girl on a Disney-channel show to a marijuana-smoking adult woman who cares little what others think of her. This cosplayer channeled Miley’s attitude just perfectly.

Being Careful To Avoid Giving Everything Away

When Miley performs, does talk shows, or even sits for a photo shoot, she’s oft careful to avoid showing anything that wouldn’t get past the censors. These next two cosplayers channeled that aspect of Miley’s career, carefully avoiding exposing their nipples, even though they’re both men and could get away with it.

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Miley-Ween ????????????

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Miley’s Entire Career In One Snapshot

This trio of women are dressed as all three of Miley’s alter egos: that is, her early career as Hannah Montana, herself, and Ashley O., a character she played on the popular streaming show Black Mirror.

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Hannah, Miley, & Ashley Too ????

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Keep an eye on Miley’s Instagram page for updates with pics of other cosplayers channeling her. If you dress as Miley this Halloween, be sure to tag the star.