Reality Steve Reveals Juicy ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers About One Of Peter Weber’s Final 4 Ladies

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Spoiler king Reality Steve is revealing some juicy tidbits about one of the ladies who is still filming Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Spoilers tease that Victoria Fuller makes it far enough to get a hometown date this season, but there are some intriguing things about her past that could come back to bite her during filming.

Longtime Bachelor fans know that Reality Steve hears plenty of juicy gossip about the contestants every season. Sometimes he shares things he can corroborate, and sometimes he just alludes to things he has heard.

When it comes to Fuller, Reality Steve says that he’s never heard so many negative stories about someone from so many people as what he’s experienced in regard to Victoria. He notes that he needed to vet all of the stories he’s heard before sharing it with The Bachelor fans, and now he’s got verified spoilers to reveal.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have already revealed some scoop about Victoria, in that her ex-boyfriend just happened to end up performing at a one-on-one between Fuller and Weber. Now, the gossip guru says that Victoria spent the weekend with that ex, singer Chase Rice, just before leaving to film Peter’s season. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she was not exactly pleased to see Rice performing for her date.

Apparently, Victoria’s fling with the country singer is not the most jaw-dropping tidbit Reality Steve has uncovered. He shares that he had heard about Fuller’s reputation for having relationships with married men, and he did a lot of digging and has spoken to at least a couple of the former wives from these alleged relationships.

“I also found out that the wives of the husbands that Victoria was having relationships with, were actually women Victoria knew and was friends with. Like, had attended their wedding and sh*t.”

Reality Steve says that not only has he spoken to women who confirmed that Fuller had been involved with their now ex-husbands, but that producers from The Bachelor have been reaching out to these women, too. In fact, the blogger noted via Twitter that production apparently mentioned the idea of having one of these women show up to confront Victoria during her hometown date, but that may not end up happening.

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The spoiler blogger also notes that he has been hearing things about Victoria from people in her hometown of Virginia Beach for weeks now, and he has yet to hear anything positive.

“I can assure you that those in the Virginia Beach area who run in these circles, nothing I’m reporting today is news to them whatsoever. People there are well aware about Victoria Fuller and her backstory.”

Reality Steve says that based on the fact that producers are reaching out to some of the same women he talked to, he thinks that this juicy piece of Victoria Fuller’s past will be incorporated into the show somehow. The Bachelor spoilers tease that Peter Weber may have some tough decisions to make regarding this contestant, and it’ll be interesting to see how this all fits together when the season airs this winter.