Apple’s Phil Schiller Attacks Android OS, Says Users Flock To iPhones

Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller doesn’t give a lot of interviews, but, when he does, it is usually no holds barred . The Apple VP spoke about user acquisition rates and claimed that users flock form Google Android to Apple iOS based devices at four times the rate of Apple to Samsung turnover.

Schiller explains to the Wall Street Journal that he Google Android users are becoming increasingly miffed with the platforms fragmentation, which often leaves users with outdated smartphones before the lifecycle of their devices have come to an end. Schiller also claims that Android users have a “poorer user experience.”

Not surprisingly, Phil Schiller decided to attack the Google Android OS platform just days before the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will be unveiled.

Schiller continued to play on the offensive by questioning various reports which recently claimed that iOS users were losing their loyalty to Apple. Many publications have focused on a lack of popular features from Apple, specifically the company’s late arrival to 4G LTE and its still lacking NFC support.

While Schiller admits that Apple devices are outsold by the Google mobile OS, he also notes that Android devices are often given away for free or at deep discounts. Schiller also points out that Samsung lists “shipped devices” numbers and not actual sales.

Schiller also noted that recent studies have shown that Apple iOS users are far more likely to spend their mobile time on the internet when compared to Google Android users.

Schiller’s view of Apple’s user dominance appears to be over shadowed by investors. Apple has witnessed large declines in market share over the last year as the Samsung Galaxy III continues to maintain strong sales even following the release of the Apple iPhone 5.

Do you think Apple is sinking to Google Android, or will the Cupertino company’s OS ultimately win the smartphone war?