Texas Hottie Hope Beel Lets It All Hang Out In Sheer Black Bikini

Hope BeelInstagram

Hope Beel is one of the most stunning women on social media, and she’s showing everyone exactly why in her latest Instagram update, which featured her rocking a skimpy little bikini in order to promote Bang Energy drinks.

On Sunday night, Hope shared the clip, where she’s seen in a black bikini that boasted a sheer middle panel to flaunt her ample cleavage. The two-piece also showcased her toned arms, flat tummy, and rock-hard abs, as well as her curvy hips and killer legs.

Hope had her long, dark locks parted down the middle and styled in cascading waves which fell all around her as she tousled her hair for the camera.

The model also sported a full face of makeup in the video, an application that included defined brows, long lashes, and pink eyeshadow. She also rocked a shimmering highlighter on her face, pink blush on her cheeks, and a light pink color on her plump lips to complete the glam look.

Meanwhile, Hope’s more than 1.2 million followers couldn’t get enough of the clip, watching it over 32,000 times in the span of just 14 hours.

“You look extremely beautiful,” one of Hope’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post.

“You are my queen,” another adoring fan stated.

“You always look like a gorgeous goddess,” a third comment gushed.

As many fans already know, Hope is known for her health and fitness content, and loves to get a good workout in. She strives to inspire her followers to exercise and eat healthy through her posts, and has been featured in health and fitness publications on multiple occasions.

Back in January, Hope graced the cover of Fitness Gurls for the fourth time, and the Texas model opened up about her healthy lifestyle journey.

“Balance is the biggest principle I have. My life doesn’t revolve around eating a certain amount of calories a day or how heavy I can lift in the gym. I simply have a passion for fitness and being healthy and I find some small way to fit it into my everyday life,” the model admitted.

In addition, Hope was asked if she had a favorite and/or least favorite part of her trim body to work out in the gym.


“Favorite would have to be legs and glutes because it’s easy for me to train. Upper body is hard for my but I love the challenge,” Hope Beel admitted.