Lizzo Posts Nude Photo In Bathtub, Covered In Skittles: 'Taste The Rainbow'

Lizzo loves to celebrate her body, so it was no surprise when the stunning singer posted a photo of herself nude in a bathtub to Instagram, her most private areas strategically covered with the candy confection Skittles.

Her caption?

"TASTE THE RAINBOW B*TCH— if you ever wondered what my c**chie taste like... Puttin the Queen in Halloween"

Fans were thrilled with the pic, which celebrates body positivity and adds a cheeky twist as well.

"You give us women confidence sugar keep it, love," said one fan of the singer.

"Lol @ the skittles in the belly button," quipped another fan.

"So beautiful I love you girl!!!" a third fan remarked.

Several days ago, the singer dropped a new single with Ariana Grande titled "Good as Hell." The original tune, which was released in 2016, was the lead single on Lizzo's Coconut Oil EP. Ahead of the song's release, Lizzo teased her and Ariana's collaboration by sharing an Instagram video of her sipping a grande-sized drink and asking fans if they knew by the clue in the photo who her most recent pair-up was with.

In addition to the collaboration with Grande, the songstress has also teamed up with Justin Timberlake for some new music. Timberlake revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he and Lizzo were working in the studio together.

Timberlake said in the interview that he wanted to work with young, fresh people for some upcoming collaborations. He appeared thrilled to work with Lizzo -- who is driving the music industry in a decidedly different direction -- in a video that he posted to his Instagram page.Lizzo was a showstopper at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, performing "Truth Hurts" and "Good as Hell" to riotous applause from the audience. She stated while on stage that she was "tired of the bullsh*t. And I don't need to know your story to know that you're tired of the bullsh*t, too. It's so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back... you deserve to feel good as hell. We deserve to feel as good as hell!"

Lizzo revealed in an interview with Elle Magazine that just before her big hit "Truth Hurts" dropped in 2017, she had texted her producer to admit how she felt she was going nowhere as an artist and she believed that if she stopped making music, no one would care. Her producer quickly came to her apartment to speak to her, telling her how important her work was and not to give up on her dreams against what she believed was the face of adversity.

Thankfully she persevered, and since that day, Lizzo has become a force to be reckoned with, showing that women don't have to fit into a mold to be successful, and that being yourself is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Lizzo recently posted a sassy photo to Instagram, looking stunning in snakeskin boots and a t-shirt dress.