Tori Spelling Gets Support From Fans After She’s Criticized Over 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Purple Hair

Dana PleasantGetty Images

Tori Spelling is facing flack over her young daughter’s appearance just days before Halloween. The BH90210 star posted a series of sweet photos of her family at a pumpkin patch, but some commenters zeroed in on her 8-year-old daughter’s hair instead of the fall festivities.

Spelling posted a photo to Instagram that shows her posing with her husband, Dean McDermott, and their five kids – Liam Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau — in front of a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins. The actress and reality star revealed that it is her family’s annual tradition to go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and play on the bouncy castles and slides.

In the family photo, Spelling’s 8-year-old, Hattie, rocks long, purple-red hair that has either been dyed or colored with temporary spray color.

In the comments section of the post, one critic asked the star why she would ever dye her young daughter’s hair.

“Why would you let your daughter have red hair for? Parenting gone wrong,” the critic wrote. “A child that young shouldn’t have their hair colored at all.”

But hundreds of Spelling’s fans put the “judgmental” critic in her place as they pointed out that Hattie’s hair dye was probably for Halloween. Others noted she may just be an “artistic” child.

“Regardless of whether this is a Halloween costume or not, how dare you tear down a devoted, attentive, engaged, loving parent for raising and supporting a creative, strong, independent, beautiful girl,” one fan clapped back.

Many more fans supported Spelling and her daughter.

“Great pic and love the pink hair,” wrote one fan of Hattie’s look.

“Loving Hattie’s hair,” added another follower.

“Hattie hair next level!” a third fan wrote to Spelling.

In an Instagram post for Hattie’s birthday earlier this month, Spelling described the 8-year-old as her “beautiful unique free-spirited fiery soul strong-willed artistic indigo child.”

The proud mom captioned a photo of the birthday girl by telling her to never change and to keep her own opinions and style and never conform to others’ standards.

Tori Spelling has not responded directly to the latest fan comments about her daughter’s hair, but earlier this month she addressed backlash over a photo of Hattie and her older daughter, Stella, 11, wearing reddish-pink hair dye and eye makeup at the LOL Surprise! Winter Disco launch party.

Spelling told US Weekly that guests for the party were told to come dressed as their favorite LOL doll, and she clarified that she didn’t “dye” her kids’ hair. She also had a message for mom-shamers.

“First of all, it was Halloween costumes in pink, and it washes out the next day,” Spelling told Us of the hair color. “It wasn’t dye at all.”

Spelling went on to say that that the event was a costume dress party where girls were encouraged to be anything they want to be.

“Screw the shamers,” Spelling said of the social media trolls who took issue with her daughters’ hair and makeup.

Last year, Spelling clapped back at mom-shamers who criticized her kids’ appearance in their back-to-school photo. Her husband Dean McDermott has also fired back at social media trolls who’ve targeted his wife and kids in the past.