NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Appeared To Insinuate The Patriots Cut Him With ‘No Evidence’ Because He’s Black

Michael ReavesGetty Images

The drama between Antonio Brown and the New England Patriots continues.

Now more than five weeks after the team parted ways with the All Pro wide receiver, Brown still appears to harbor animosity and seemed to hint this weekend that the team cut him with “no evidence” because he is black. The insinuation came from a Twitter exchange that Brown had with a fan who asked why the Patriots would part ways with Brown amid no evidence of wrongdoing.

“Normal for our kind,” Brown answered the user, whose profile picture showed a dark-skinned man.

The answer was taken to mean that the Patriots released Brown abruptly after he faced a series of sexual misconduct allegations because he was black. While it was true that the allegations against Brown were not proven at the time the team released him, reports indicated that Brown sent one of the women a threatening text message while he was at the Patriots team facilities.

Two days after he was released, Brown took to Twitter in an extended attack on the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft, hinting that he had been unfairly targeted for his own sexual indiscretions while Kraft got off free on charges that he solicited a prostitute.

Despite the slams, Brown later seemed to hint that he wanted a comeback with the Patriots. As Antonio Brown’s legal team filed a formal grievance with the league seeking the guaranteed money that the Patriots withheld from him, Brown said that the team might as well take him back since they would be paying him either way.

It was apparently more than just empty talk. At the time, ESPN reported that Brown actually had ideas of returning to the Patriots.

“Sources told [ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler] that Brown would wait to sign with a team until it is clear he would be allowed to play,” the report noted.

“He’s also been training rigorously and would welcome a return to the New England Patriots, even if that’s unlikely, but most of all, he says he just wants to play.”

If Antonio Brown does make an NFL comeback, he would still face the uncertainty of potential league discipline related to his sexual misconduct allegations. The NFL is still investigating the claims and could decide on some form of punishment, including a potential suspension or fines. If Brown were to be suspended, it would not go into effect until he signed with a new NFL team.