Cher Puts On Leggy Display In Stunning One Piece Sequin Leotard During Birmingham Performance

Even at 73, music icon, Cher, snapped up the attention of her audience and fans around the world when she showed off an ample helping of her perfectly toned legs during a recent concert event.

Cher, who is currently in the midst of her 2019 “Here We Go Again” world tour, recently performed for an excited audience in Birmingham, U.K. She reminded her fans that age is just a number. According to the Daily Mail, the legend appeared on stage in a show-stopping electric blue and cream bodysuit that accentuated her rocking curves and long lean legs.

This slim fit, rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit molded onto the singer’s body perfectly. It allowed her to show off her amazing physique while also providing a modest amount of coverage.

Despite her legs being completely exposed, the outfit adequately covered her midsection and backside. It featured a modest, scoop neckline that showed off a minimal amount of skin.

The bodysuit itself was a very visceral work of art that was likely tailor-made for the tour which appears to be a warrior/gladiator type in theme. The piece had a high-cut leg design that was reinforced with some thicker structures over the hip area that really give it a more dynamic, 3D effect. Extending from the leg openings all the way around were long, pointed appliques that almost looked like flat gemstones. Despite the spacing between each one, they circled the singer’s upper thigh area in almost a skirt fashion.

The electric blue one-piece also featured a few cream-colored accents through the chest area and down the abdomen area. The fabric seemed to be intended to give the illusion of being semi-sheer despite not being see-through at all.

Just like the hip line, the shoulder area also featured the longer, pointed 3D appliques. These, however, were attached to a very pronounced shoulder pad which was designed to look like shoulder guards. They were similar to what one would expect from a gladiator outfit.

Cher accessorized the ensemble with a voluminous, layered blue wig, bedazzled wrist guards, chandelier earrings, and a matching pair of blue, bedazzled ankle boots.

According to entertainment news site Express and Star, the show was an amazing mix of cover songs from other artists and a smattering of her own personal hits from different stages of her career.

The concert even featured an emotional rendition of the hit “I’ve Got You Babe” which she sang as a duet with a video recording of her late husband, Sonny Bono.

Many who attended the concert noted that Cher made several cracks about her age while performing. Several of those who were in attendance also took to Twitter to thank her for an incredible performance as they shared several pictures they had taken.

As The Inquisitr reported a month ago, Cher has rocked the same gladiator ensemble in a few different colors throughout the duration of her world tour.

There are just a few shows left on the European stint of her world tour before she returns for the second leg of her U.S. scheduled performances.