Britney Spears Stuns In A String Bikini And Walks On Her Hands On Stairs In Instagram Video

Britney Spears isn’t currently touring, performing, or releasing new music. However, this doesn’t mean that the “Circus” singer has stopped entertaining her fans.

If Britney admirers want to see their favorite singer do something amazing, all they have to do is periodically check her Instagram page. The stunning 37-year-old musician rarely shares videos of herself singing, but she does seem to love putting on little performances for her 22.9 million followers, whether she’s showing off her physical prowess in the gym, or getting goofy with her boyfriend, 25-year-old model and actor Sam Asghari.

As of late, Britney Spears has seemingly taken a shine to doing gymnastics. Last week, Britney revealed that she was getting back into the activity after abstaining from it for a year. She’s doing so with the help of an unnamed male assistant, who has made an appearance in both of the two acrobatic videos that she’s shared with her followers.

In her latest video, the pop star is rocking a turquoise string bikini. In the caption of her post, she noted that wearing a two-piece in October is something that you can “only” do in Los Angeles. She also commented on the beautiful weather.

The video begins with a shot of Britney’s male helper lying on the ground with his legs up in the air. He has his feet on Britney’s butt and lower back, and her shoulders are resting on his hands. As he holds her up above him, Britney performs a series of movements with her legs. She displays her flexibility by spreading them wide, straightening them out, and bending her knees.

Britney Spears and her assistant also perform some stretches together, including one that has Britney lying on top of her helper’s back. He’s on his hands and knees, and Britney is face up with her head resting on his butt. She has her legs bent so that they curl around his shoulders, and she’s reaching back with her hands to grab her feet.

Britney’s most impressive athletic feat comes at the end of the video when she does a handstand and walks down and back up a set of three stairs on her hands. Her helper spots her while she performs this potentially dangerous move, but it looks like she only needed minimal assistance. According to Britney, that was the first time she ever walked on her hands up and down stairs.

As usual, Britney Spears’ Instagram followers responded to her post by declaring her the queen of various things.

“Queen of wearing a bathing suit in October. SHOOKETH,” wrote one admirer.

“Queen of acrobatics!!!!!!” another remarked.

“Queen of blue bikinis,” a third wrote.

The singer didn’t do any back handsprings or walkovers in this video, but she showed her fans that she can still perform these stunts in the Instagram video that she uploaded last week. Fans can only hope that Britney Spears will continue using social media to share weekly updates on her gymnastics journey.