Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Check Out Kanye West’s Church Service In L.A.

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

In a strange turn of events, Jinger Duggar has somehow got herself caught up in the Kanye West movement. She and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are spending their Sunday evening attending the rap singer’s church service. They have both been videotaping clips of the production and sharing it on social media.

Taking to his Instagram stories on Sunday, Jeremy showed him and Jinger walking towards the Forum to check out what all the hubbub is about. The preacher said that since everyone seems to be talking about Kanye West and his services, they thought they would take the time to see firsthand what it’s all about. You can see Jinger walking beside him looking quite fashionable in a mustard yellow blazer with a black top underneath. Her hair is pulled back into a long ponytail.

The snippets from the service that both Jinger and Jeremy posted revealed the musical numbers that took place. You can barely see Kim Kardashian’s husband in the middle of the choir, but you could hear him singing clearly.

The Counting On couple has been trying out plenty of new places since they have moved to L.A. this summer, but this is something completely different. It appears that they may have left their 1-year-old daughter Felicity with a sitter while they were gone.

Jeremy also said that they had gone to see Kanye’s film, “Jesus is King,” on Saturday night as well. He posted three “takeaways” after seeing it. It seems that the reality star is checking Kanye out to see for himself if his teachings are biblical or not. He did say from seeing the film that Kanye West appears to be “broken and humbled before his Creator.”

As previously indicated by The Inquisitr, Jeremy Vuolo has also been listening to Kanye’s music on his new album. It sounds like he has been impressed with him so far, but the real test will be what he and Jinger Duggar experience on Sunday. The former professional soccer player said that he would give his thoughts and insights into the service after he sees for himself what it’s all about.

It will be interesting to see what he has to say about it. Jinger may even hop on board and share her own thoughts on the whole thing. Since she comes from such an ultra-conservative family, fans would love to hear her take on it.

The recent episode of Counting On had Jinger Duggar explain to viewers, with her mother, Michelle, alongside of her, why she chose to wear pants. It was all good, but fans may wonder what the Duggar family will think about her attending a church service put on by Kanye West. That is certainly two different worlds colliding.