Yazmin Oukhellou Slays In Skimpy Dead Bride Costume For ‘TOWIE’ Halloween Special

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

The Only Way Is Essex fans have grown accustomed to seeing Yazmin Oukhellou put her toned physique and feminine assets on display. And, she certainly did not disappoint fans with the costume she chose for this year’s TOWIE Halloween special.

The 25-year-old brunette bombshell posed for a sexy snap in her all-white costume that was posted to her Instagram account early Sunday morning. Yazmin used the caption of the photo to reminds fans the show’s Halloween episode would be airing later the same day.

In the snap, Oukhellou poses in a vintage-inspired room in front of an all-white fireplace. She is wearing an all-white corset/lingerie minidress that featured a super-high hem and a sheer-lace demicup style bra top that left plenty of her cleavage on display.

The one-piece garment featured extra wide bra straps and had a faux lace-up stitching design that went down the center of her bodice. The ensemble included a tiny lace skirt that ended near the top of her thigh, under which the ends of the corset bodice can be seen along with the hanging attachments that would normally attach to stockings or garter pieces, neither of which were incorporated.

Judging by the outfit, it appears that the intended character is a bride who was murdered post-ceremony before any honeymoon intimacy was to occur as it is essentially the lingerie many brides wear under their traditional bridal gown.

Oukhellou paired the sexy costume with a pair of sparkly silver heels, a simple white bridal bouquet, and a traditional pin-in veil that flowed down behind her. The veil was positioned to sit on the floor surrounding her feet.

The television personality wore her long chestnut hair in a vintage almost Elvira-style bump hairdo that was parted in the front with a high bump in the back that had her locks flowing in waves around her shoulders. She also sported some death inspired makeup that featured a pale face, dark sunk-in eyes, bloody accents and black and purple bruise effects on her face, neck, and chest area.

In 11 hours since the snap landed on her profile, her followers showered it with over 7,000 likes and several dozen comments. For the most part, her followers seemed to really enjoy her interpretation of a dead bride.

Nearly the entire comment section contains short comments of approval and the expected flow of fire and heart emojis.

As those who have been following her romantic life know, the costume she selected suited her current love life well. Yaz has recently opened up about being ready for marriage as she started dropping hints that she wanted to settle down with her TOWIE boyfriend James Lock. Unfortunately, the duo are no longer together. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Lock was accused of being unfaithful.