New Government UFO Files Describe Close Encounters

Some newly released government documents suggest a commercial plane nearly crashed into a UFO near London in the early 90s.

A set of UFO-related Ministry of Defence files was just made public today as part of the U.K.'s National Archives. The papers indicate the Alitalia aircraft came dangerously close to some kind of "brown missile-shaped object" as it was flying into Heathrow Airport in 1991. The report says the pilot shouted to his co-pilot: "Look out!"

Government and military investigations concluded that the object was not a missile, weather balloon, or space rocket. The investigations were eventually closed and left unresolved.

Other incidents revealed in the UFO documents include a U.S. Air Force pilot having to shoot down some sort of unidentified flying object in the skies above East Anglia, and a report of a woman who claimed to be from the "Sirius system" telling officials that her spaceship had crashed down in Britain during the World War II era.

The following video shows more of the highlights from the files, with insights from Dr. David Clarke -- a UFO expert and Sheffield Hallam University journalism lecturer. You can also browse through the full archives yourself here.