‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Is Confused By Kim’s Actions After Hearing Her Confession

Craig SjodinABC Press

General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 28 will be full of the Franco/Drew mess that started when Franco was infested with another man’s memories. Now it seems that the man known as Franco Baldwin has completely disappeared. Drew has taken over and Kim Nero couldn’t be happier. Liz, on the other hand, will do anything to get her husband back.

According to Soap Central, Liz isn’t going to be doing so well. It sounds like the hearing may not go her way as Scott is also scrambling to make things right after what the judge says. Kevin’s testimony was devastating, but it was Kim’s confession on the stand that will have Franco/Drew a little bit shaken. He heard Kim say that she drugged the real Drew to sexually assault him in hopes of getting herself pregnant by him. She was that desperate to have another little Oscar running around.

Kim told the room full of people that she was grieving hard and had a moment of desperation. However, Franco’s view of the love of his life will change. The print version of Soap Opera Digest indicates that he will question Kim’s extreme actions and possibly his feelings towards her. He has no idea what she went through with losing Oscar and how devastated she was, and still is. Having Franco with Drew’s memories of their past together has given her hope for the future.

Franco/Drew is seeing Kim in a different light. That may be why Sonny Corinthos will be helping him out by giving him a place of solace for a bit. Maybe he just needs time to think and to get his head straight. Kim may not like that much at all if he drifts away from her. She is clinging to him like a lifeboat right now. One minute she was planning a future with Julian, the next she decided she wanted to be with who she believes to be Oscar’s father. Of course, he really isn’t, but his memories of the time they shared together are clear as day.

As The Inquisitr had recently detailed about this situation, Monday will be the judge’s ruling on whether Franco is mentally capable of being in charge of his own health and able to make wise decisions for himself. It’s highly likely that Kim will be the one who will be throwing a party after the dramatic hearing.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.