October 27, 2019
Jennifer Lopez Goes Glam While Flaunting Her Gorgeous Gams

Jennifer Lopez looks glamorous even when she is getting her nails overhauled.

In her most recent Instagram post shared on Sunday, the sexy 50-year-old superstar sat on a chair upholstered in a lush leopard print while putting her freshly painted fingernails into a portable dryer held by a helpful aid. Since she was surrounded by a number of outfits hanging up in the background of the picture, JLo was likely primping in a dressing room of some sort.

She angled her body to the side as she perched, letting her free hand -- on which she wore her sparkling engagement ring -- rest on her chin. The Hustlers star rocked a robe that seemed to be made of cashmere and that fell open at the bottom to reveal one of JLo's gorgeous gams that had been crossed over the other luscious leg. The luxurious garment featured a dark brown monogram and a belt that had been tightly cinched, revealing Jennifer's tiny waist.

JLo wore a full face of makeup, including cheekbone contouring, darkened and groomed brows, smoky shadow, peachy lipstick and gloss on her pout, and black liner and mascara. She wore cylindrical silver earrings while her brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun with wisps of her strands falling down around her ears and neck as she stared at the camera, providing a serious yet seductive expression.

Within three hours of being uploaded on October 27 for her 103.8 million Instagram fans and followers, the new social media post from the "Jenny from the Block" singer captured more than 845,000 likes and more than 6,300 comments.

"Wish I looked that good on a Sunday," said one admirer.

"I love you sooooo much," stated another fan, who followed her comment with three red rose emoji.

"Always blessing our Sunday with your beauty," gushed a third Instagram user, who added three fire emoji to his comment.

"You ARE glam," exclaimed yet another fan, who picked a pink double-heart emoji to call attention to her remark.

Jennifer is currently filming Marry Me, a move set to be released on January 1 of the coming year co-starring Sarah Silverman and Owen Wilson. In the film, she plays a pop star named Kat Valdez who "is jilted by her rock-star fiancé moments before their wedding at Madison Square Garden, so she marries a random guy from the crowd instead," according to IMDb.

The Puerto Rican-born, Bronx-raised actress-singer is also preparing for the live production of the celebrated Broadway musical, Bye Bye Birdie. IMDb states that JLo will play Rose Alvarez in the televised movie musical for which she will also co-executive produce.

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