October 28, 2019
'The Affair' Recap For Season 5 Episode 10: Fire And Vice

Talk about drama. Season 5, Episode 10 of The Affair started right where the Showtime series left off last week with Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) continuing that vengeful rant about her parents after the "me too" story in Vanity Fair had been released and all hell broke loose.

She called her dad "a vampire" who "has no soul." She told him he "burns through people and then leaves them on the side of the road." Then, in a total rage, Whitney said that Noah's (Dominic West) second wife, Alison, probably "killed herself" because of Noah.

Helen (Maura Tierney) tried to intervene, but that only triggered Whitney to start on her mom, calling her a "co-dependent nightmare."

Then this childish adult from a broken home announced, "I hate you both. You deserve each other," before she stomped out of the room.

As The Affair spoilers suggested, Noah left while Helen followed after Whitney but her rage only worsened. She told her mom how she felt when Helen noted that Whitney was upset.

"Yes, I'm upset. I'm very upset but I'm not crazy, It's obviously more important for you to hold onto a fantasy of being the perfect mom, of being the one who held us together, than it is for you to admit that this whole thing is a f**king charade. Dad only cares about himself and you only care about Dad."
After she delivered that hateful speech, Whitney went even further, saying that not only would Noah not be walking her down the aisle when she gets married but he would not even be invited to the wedding. Helen was shocked but then her daughter started to pick on her again so she left her room.

Brushing back tears, her space in Whitney's apartment had suddenly become invaded by two of her kids and Whitney's fiancé. He asked for Whitney's birth certificate during this inopportune time so that he would be able to marry her and so that he would be able to get his green card.

Realizing the birth certificate was with Noah, Helen headed over to his house in Topanga Canyon.

Once there, Helen found empty bottles of alcohol and Noah passed out in his bed. She could not revive him so she put her head down, too, and the pair didn't wake up until morning when someone came knocking on his door. The Santa Ana winds had kicked up and Topanga Canyon was about to burn so the two were told to voluntarily evacuate. Helen told Noah that he needed to vacate with her but he refused so she drove away, only to be caught in a terrible traffic jam at the bottom of the canyon while smoke took over the area.

Meanwhile, Noah watched the news and saw how desperate the situation had become, with the fire causing everyone to evacuate whether they wanted to or not. At first, Noah ignored that command but after he found paperwork and audio tapes from before he went to prison, he realized how much he loved both of his wives.

He also realized he didn't want to die and he didn't want Helen to die so he hiked down the hill and found her car trapped in a hotbed of traffic. Together, the pair set off on foot to get to a fire road and safety. That meant they were in for an arduous hike, and when they were nearly back to civilization after climbing down a very steep precipice with the fire just beyond where they had been hiking, Helen was bitten by a massive rattlesnake.

Noah carried her to safety and then a kind person picked them up and took them to the nearest hospital. Helen was nearly dead but the anti-venom that had been administered to her was done just in time to save her. At that point, she seemed to know that she might be able to save her relationship with Noah and the rest of the Solloway family as well.

Tune into Showtime next week for the conclusion of The Affair.