Halle Berry Stuns In A Sparkly Robe With A Dangerously High Slit

Halle Berry doesn't need to wear a glamorous gown to look gorgeous. The 53-year-old actress just proved that she can look equally amazing in nothing but a robe, but her idea of lounge wear might be a little more luxurious than that of your average woman who is spending her Sunday relaxing at home.

As of late, many of Halle's Instagram posts have been focused on her efforts to stay fit. She often uploads snapshots of herself rocking sweaty workout wear, as well as videos of the exercises that she performs to stay in such incredible shape. She also shares motivational messages with her followers, and she seems to have no shortage of helpful health advice and workout ideas to impart to them.

However, Halle Berry's latest Instagram post is all about taking it easy. In its caption, she revealed that she's been savoring her "Casual Sunday."

Her post also included a picture of the outfit that she's presumably wearing as she relaxes and enjoys the last few hours of the weekend. It's a robe in a dusky orchid color, and it's made out of a sumptuous shiny fabric. While the glimmering garment might be meant to be worn as lounge wear, Halle Berry makes it look like an exquisite designer dress worthy of the red carpet or a high-fashion photo shoot.

Halle is posing provocatively with one leg bent so that it sticks out of the robe's opening. This creates the appearance of a slit that goes all the way up to the belt loosely tied around her waist. Because she's posing in a room with little light, this creates a shadow that prevents her from showing too much.

The neckline of the garment dips down in a V-shape, and it has long, roomy sleeves. Halle's light brown hair is loosely pulled back so that a few wavy tresses frame her flawless face. Shadows are covering a large portion of her face and neck, but it appears as though her eyes are nearly closed. She's posing on a concrete stairway in a room with rustic wooden walls, and she has one foot on the step behind her. She's slightly leaning against the wall, and she looks peaceful and relaxed. The vibe of the entire photo is serene but somewhat sensual.

The gorgeous Sunday snapshot received more than 13,000 likes over the course of an hour, and former talk show host Arsenio Hall was one of the Halle fans who decided to comment on the picture.

"Yeah! 'Gorgeous my Cleveland sister'!" Arsenio's response read.

"This isn't casual this is Dammmmmmm," wrote another admirer.

"Stairway to heaven," a third remarked.

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