Ainsley Rodriguez Packs A Punch In Yoga Shorts And Boxing Gloves

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez sure knows how to pack a punch — both figuratively and literally. The brunette beauty wowed her fans on Instagram with her skills with a punching bag. Her attire, consisting of a sports bra and tight yoga shorts, certainly didn’t hurt.

Ainsley is known for her killer body, and she serves as one of the principal advertisements for her personal training business. Though many consider her to have one of the most enviable figures on social media, the Miami native made a surprising confession. In the caption for her latest upload, she stated that she hardly ever does cardio.

The one exception to the rule seems to be boxing and dancing, and Ainsley made sure to show off her skills with the former with a sizzling new video.

In the clip, Ainsley is wearing a light gray Nike sports bra and coral colored yoga shorts. Her hair is up in a sensible ponytail and her sole accessory is a pair of earrings. The ensemble is completed with a pair of white boxing gloves.

The video begins by Ainsley scrolling through her phone, before wrapping up her hands and putting on her gloves. She then begins to punch at the white punching bag.

The video then cuts to Ainsley doing a side plank, with some encouragement heard in the background. Next, Ainsley lies on her back and does a crunch, punching the bag as she reaches the top of the movement.

The upload then shows Ainsley having completed the exercise, looking winded and tired but happy. She smiles as she throws a boxing glove at the camera. Last but not least, she shows off her adorable little dog, and jokingly makes the pup pull some punches.

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????QUICK 15 MIN Sunday @fightcamp_ workout! . New look, same great workouts! ???? . I don’t do much cardio (and by ‘much’ I mean none ???? lol) which is why I enjoy mixing it up and adding 15-30mins of boxing to my weekly weight lifting routine as my form of cardio! . I grew up dancing, got introduced to the ‘gym’ at about 16 years of age and then got introduced to boxing when I was 20 and have been doing it on and off for a few years. The workouts are short and effective so they fit perfectly into my schedule and being able to do them in the comfort of my own home is a huge plus! (Plus boxing totally makes you feel like a bad a** ????)! . I get bored SO easily so it’s imperative that I’m constantly switching things up! This is what my week usually looks like! ???????? . 4 days of weight training in the gym (45mins-1hour) 1 dance class / week 3 15-30 min boxing sessions / week (on my 45 min lifting days I’ll toss in a 15 min boxing session with Fight Camp to complete my workout for that day) . #FightCamp #SundayFunday

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The video earned around 43,000 plays, in addition to over 8,000 likes and more than 125 comments.

“Wow you’re such a badass,” one fan gushed, adding a boxing glove emoji.

“Simply gorgeous,” added another, with a red heart and smiling face.

“Power women!” wrote a third, with the bicep emoji.

It was not the first time her dog has appeared in her social media over the weekend. Ainsley also posted a picture where she was hugging her pet as he licked her cheek. She wore a stunning crop top for the picture, and discussed getting over heartbreak in her poignant caption.

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As women, our nature is to love. And when we get hurt, our nature is to close our hearts and fiercely protect ourselves. . I believe so deeply that we can heal ourselves, and I also believe that half of that battle is healing our emotional trauma. We need to examine who taught us how to love (both ourselves and others), and then take a deep look at how we’re living with those lessons & beliefs. It’s important to go back and process the most difficult points in our lives, so that we can fully put them behind us rather than allowing them to imprison us. . I think the most radical moments of my healing journey have occurred when I wasn’t afraid to stare my darkest moments in the face. When I was able to look at them and find the lesson & growth in each and every one of them. . We can be completely over someone, moved on from that relationship and living our best lives… yet the pain from an experience where someone used or controlled you leaves a strong impression. . But I want you to know that no matter what you’ve gone through – and no matter how scary it feels to open up your heart again – it is always worth it. And the best way to do that is by giving yourself the love you always needed ❤️

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The post earned over 27,000 likes and around 540 comments.

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