Jill Duggar Childproofs Her House, Which Leaves Fans Thinking She Is Pregnant

There is nothing like Jill Duggar childproofing her house to get her Instagram followers excited about a new baby. There were several fans who assumed that her latest post was actually a pregnancy announcement. A few even congratulated the former TLC star.

The Duggar daughter is pretty handy when it comes to small house projects. Growing up in such a big family, Jill learned how to not only cook, clean, and take care of the kiddos, but she also knows how to use a drill. She shared via Instagram that she was busy installing childproof locks on her kitchen cabinets. The first photo shows her sitting on the floor with all the tools she needs around her, while the second snap was that of herself holding the drill in hand getting ready to do the job.

What does that have to do with a pregnancy? It seems that her fans just assumed that she was needing to childproof for another little one. It could be because Jill used the number three twice in the short caption, and some thought that was a hint that she was expecting her third child.

"Finally...for the 3rd time in 3 years I'm getting the cabinet locks on," the mom of two wrote.

In response to what Jill Duggar wrote, one person asked that famous question, "Does that mean there's new news for you?"

There was no response from Jill, but there were plenty of her followers who reminded them that she does have a 2- and a 4-year-old in the house, and that definitely requires safety precautions.

It sounds like the Dillards need all the help they can get with keeping their two boys, Israel and Samuel, from getting into things. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr had detailed the mischief that those two little guys got into. They apparently were able to get into the cabinets to grab some chocolate syrup and lemon oil and proceeded to dump them out all over the kitchen. Jill was having a very bad day and she made it a point to share that on social media.

That incident was most likely the reason that she went ahead and installed the locks and not because she is pregnant. However, that certainly doesn't mean that she couldn't be, but this particular post doesn't appear to be any type of special announcement like some may have been hoping for.

There is sure to be much more coming from Jill Duggar on her Instagram as she posts quite frequently about her family of four.