Kaley Cuoco Does Morning Yoga In Spandex Sports Bra & Halloween Candy-Print Leggings

Kaley Cuoco is back on her yoga mat today, taking to her Instagram stories to detail a morning workout session conducted while wearing an unusual yet seasonally-appropriate outfit.

The photo which Kaley shared was a selfie, and it showed her sitting in a studio with wooden floors. The Big Bang Theory actress adopted a casual, low-key look with a cute twist. Kaley was photographed makeup-free, striking a relaxed pose as she sat with one leg folded on the floor and the other bent. Her body language gave off a relaxed vibe as she showed off her look, and the actress and animal-rights activist confirmed in the caption that she was doing a yoga session.

Kaley was wearing a black spandex sports bra with thin straps, pairing it with a far jazzier pair of high-waisted leggings. While the leggings matched the bra, being plain black around the waist, they quickly turned more colorful by virtue of candy prints appearing around the thigh area. The Halloween candy print became more plentiful as the fabric stretched down to her ankles where the black background gave way to a mixture of candy corn and other seasonal treats.

Kaley's fun ensemble was also doing wonders for her trim and toned physique, and the blonde's toned and sculpted shoulders were on show. Her shapely legs and flat stomach were also showcased by her pose and skintight athletic gear.

Kaley added some amusing Halloween-inspired icons at the bottom of her image -- a set of fangs encased by red lips, a Jack-o'-lantern, and a distraught pumpkin person. A different snapshot of Kaley rocking the same gear was posted to husband Karl Cook's Instagram feed, affording fans a better view of the getup.

Kaley and Karl offered different words to accompany their images. The text accompanying Kaley's image simply acknowledged her exercise session while also giving a nod to the season.
"Bringing Halloween spirit to yoga this AM."
Meanwhile, Karl injected a little more sarcasm into his caption. He acknowledged his wife as being beautiful, but the words were followed by a bit of a joke as he dubbed her a follower of "content creator" trends. A small and likely jesting insult was then made over her choice of leggings. Comments left in response to Karl's post mostly seemed to back Kaley.

"Ya but she looks good," one fan wrote.

"You just stole her content, now what will she post?" a second user asked.

"She's gorgeous!!" a third admirer exclaimed.

Kaley has been active this weekend. A Saturday addition to her Instagram story saw her clock 23,000 steps. Perhaps Karl has thoughts on that, too.