Ashley Graham Sizzles In Tight Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Ashley Graham’s fans may have been wondering what she has planned for Halloween, and she finally shared an Instagram update in which she rocked her sexy costume. The post included five photos that not only revealed her sizzling look but her husband’s look too.

The first photo of the set was a close-up shot of the model wearing a strapless, red dress that was skintight. The top of the dress featured a soft “v” neckline, and the garment had been bedazzled with dark red gems. Ashley also wore a wig to emulate Jessica Rabbit’s iconic red hair. Her purple gloves reached past her elbows as the model kept things rolling with her eye-catching makeup, which included bright red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. She also wore dark mascara and a subtle cat-eye.

The second image in the set included a short video clip in which Ashley fully committed to the character.

“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way,” she said in a breathy voice.

Then, the model’s look was photographed from head-to-toe, as she posed alongside her husband, Justin Ervin, who apparently had turned into Macho Man. These photos revealed Ashley’s ever-growing baby bump while the dress also allowed her to show off her legs thanks to a high slit on the right side.

Justin looked like he was also getting fully into character as he posed while showing off his arm muscles. He wore a tie-die shirt, matching bandana, and tight pants. He completed his look with dark, aviator-shaped sunglasses and a championship belt for wrestling around his waist.

It certainly looked like the duo were having a blast, and Ashley proved that being pregnant doesn’t mean that she had to opt for a costume that was any less sexy than her usual ones.

Fans seemed to love her ensemble and gushed about Ashley in the comments section.

“O. M. G. Stunning,” stated a follower.

“When she’s beautiful, inspiring and has bomb captions,” complimented an admirer.

Others were distracted by the details.

“I just wanna know who squeezed you into that latex and how,” wondered a fan, who was seemingly impressed by the feat.

“Pic 4 caught me unexpectedly. I’m howling @ Macho Man,” noted an Instagram user.

The model’s fans have come to know and love her for her sense of humor. Yesterday, she proved that she’s feeling as lively as ever in a silly video in which she danced around in a satin dress. She was seen kicking the air, throwing her hair around, and rubbing her belly.

The video has been watched more than 2.5 million times.

That who can’t get enough of Ashley can check out an earlier update in which she rocked black lingerie.