Pauline Tantot Rocks A Tiny Black Bikini Top For A Sexy Morning Walk

Pauline Tantot has been tantalizing her Instagram fans with a steady stream of sultry photos. And today, she kept it rolling with a couple of pictures of herself in a tiny black thong bikini, while she mentioned in the caption that she was going on a morning walk. It was arguably a sexy ensemble for a casual outing, as she sported just the bikini with a dark hoodie that she left unzipped.

In the first shot, the Instagram hottie was standing on a sidewalk. She placed her left hand on her chest, while looking into the distance. She pulled her hair back into a high ponytail. Meanwhile, her bikini top appeared to be a size too small, as her underboob was falling out. The top also featured silver, round hardware on the front. The model accessorized with a gold necklace and appeared to be wearing minimal makeup.

The second photo showed her posing with her back angled towards the camera. This revealed that her bikini bottom was a thong-cut, as she flaunted her bare booty. She propped her right foot forward, and white flowers and palm trees could be seen in the background.

The update has been liked over 106,000 times so far in the first two hours since it went live.

Fans left plenty of nice comments for Pauline, although her sister, Mathilde, stopped by with a message to fend off haters.

"I imagine the haters with this photo!!! « You can't have that booty with no muscles on the legs » and now? This is legs implants? Can't stop laughing! It's called HARD WORK," she exclaimed.

Others focused on the captions.

"Take a video of the walk," suggested an admirer.

"& the best outfit for it," declared a fan.

"Just got back from our walk as well! Surprised we didn't see you," noted a follower, who may also be in West Hollywood, which is the geotag on the post.

Prior to this update, Pauline posted a couple of selfies from her bathroom. She wore a tiny crop tank that left her underboob showing, pairing the top with casual pants that featured white clouds against a light blue sky. The first photo showed her sitting down and giving herself bunny ears. The second photo showed her standing up, as she stuck her tongue out. Her hair was pulled back in a casual, low bun. This angle also revealed that her top had a couple of ties in the back. Plus, her booty was on full display, because her pants were skintight.

Fans who can't seem to get enough of this Instagram bombshell can check out a prior update where she bared her derriere at a park.