Kate Beckinsale's Latex Halloween Costume Post Now Focused On Phallic Candle: 'Can't Miss It'

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Kate Beckinsale's sense of humor is alive and well. Her latest Instagram was an encore of yesterday's full display where Kate paraded around a grocery store in a black latex dress with a Breakfast at Tiffany's finish, as The Inquisitr reported.

Kate's post today was of the 46-year-old filming herself from the neck up. The post only showed hints of her dress, but she was rocking the same hat, shades, pearls, and latex gloves. The video has her doing some very Holly Golightly body language as she lifted and lowered her shades, peeking from behind them. Audrey Hepburn, of course, famously did this in the iconic movie.

The actress was in an ordinary-looking room, in front of a slate stone fireplace that likely wouldn't have had anyone remarking on it. However, the star's caption drove fans to have a closer peek at the backdrop. In the caption, Kate tagged her hairstylist Peter Savic, while also apologizing that the statement headwear prevented her from showcasing her locks She then followed the words with a very adult reference. Kate pointed out a candle on the mantlepiece behind her and dubbed it to be phallic.

The comments sections to Kate's humorous Instagram posts are always fun and today was no exception.

"I don't believe that you are running this page by yourself, if I am wrong let me know," a fan wrote.

They received a reply from Kate.

"BUSTED I have an unpaid hostage writing captions about penis candles and then I cackle and take all the credit."

"I wonder if it'll keep its shape as it burns down," was another comment.

"It quite does, then again, that's why everyone admires you, this is you," one user told Kate.

Comments came in regarding the candle, although Kate also received plenty of praise for her outfit.

Kate mentioning phallic objects is nothing new. It hasn't been that long since the actress appeared on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Following her appearance on the daytime show, Kate took to Instagram with a photo pointing out that the green room's faucets were phallic.