Jojo Babie Puts On A Sexy Nerd Costume & Fans Want Her To Be Their Study Buddy

Jojo Babie gave her Instagram fans a look at her Halloween costume today, and it turned out that she will be going as a nerd this year. However, she wasn’t a typical nerd, as she showed off her sexy side in a revealing outfit.

The Instagram hottie sported a lacy white bra and high-waisted leggings that reached her chest. She left her cleavage on full display since she opted to go without a proper top, instead, clipping red plaid suspenders to her pants.

Jojo wore her hair down and she rocked a pair of black-rimmed glasses that appeared to be taped together in the middle with red tape. She pursed her lips for the shot while placing her right hand on her glasses and her left hand on her hips. The model completed her look with a pair of black heels, and was spotted posing indoors in a stylish living room.

The post had been liked more than 61,000 times in the first three hours since the share went live, with some fans gushing about her sultry look. Many of her 9.2 million followers also referred to her caption and mentioned they would want her to be her study buddy.

“Ya can always be my study partner,” declared a follower.

“I need help… like a lot,” joked an admirer.

Others focused on complimenting the model.

“Whomever is loving you is the luckiest person around,” said a fan.

“You are nothing but amazing Jojo,” gushed an Instagram user.

In addition to the post, Jojo also shared an Instagram story that gave followers a closer look at her ensemble. The video showed her walking while she gave coy looks to the camera. Her cleavage was on full display, and this angle revealed that she rocked a bow tie in lieu of a necklace. The model also wore dark eyeshadow, light lipstick, and a dusting of blush.

After reviewing fan reactions, Jojo apparently nailed the nerdy look. That being said, only time will tell whether or not she has more costumes up her sleeve as Halloween arrives on October 31.

For now, admirers can hope for more updates in the coming days. In her latest posts, Jojo has appeared in photos while topless while other shots emphasized her derriere. Whatever the case, her 9.2 million followers always seem to send her their love in the comments section of her Instagram account. It doesn’t hurt that Jojo openly flirts via her captions, and that many fans have been lucky enough to get a response directly from the model after sending her their compliments.

Those that can’t seem to get enough of the model and who jokes that she is “your favorite Asian girl” can check out an earlier update in which she rocked a tiny bra.