Kaley Cuoco Presents A 'Naked' Mystery To Her Fans And Has Trouble Getting In Bed With Her Husband

Kaley Cuoco and her husband, equestrian Karl Cook, share their home with a lot of furry friends. It's no secret that the couple loves all their adorable dogs, but sometimes things can get a bit crowded when those cute canines insist on being in the same space as their humans.

Kaley has recently been sharing quite a few pet updates on Instagram. This may be because of her new role of producing and starring in The Flight Attendant will force her to spend less time with the beloved creatures. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley is temporarily moving to New York City to work on the new series, so Karl will be in charge of taking care of their menagerie of mutts, bunnies, and horses while she's gone.

Luckily, Kaley's tiny terrier mix, Ruby, seems to enjoy Karl's company. On Sunday, Kaley took to her Instagram stories to share a video of her husband and his fuzzy little friend chilling out together on the couch. Karl was underneath a blanket, and Ruby was curled up near his head on the back of the couch. As Kaley came close, the pint-sized pooch let out a little growl.

"Are you growling at everybody?" Kaley asked Ruby. "She's very mad."

However, Ruby let Karl touch her nose. Kaley then had a question for her husband.

"Are you naked under that blanket?" she quizzed Karl.

"It's a mystery," her smiling spouse responded.

Kaley asked her Instagram followers to help her solve the mystery by using an interactive question sticker. It gave them the option to answer "of course" or "no way" to the question regarding whether or not Karl was naked under the blanket. As of this writing, 82 percent of respondents guessed that he was completely nude.

Kaley Cuoco had to solve a different blanket puzzle when it was time to go to sleep. She shared a video of Karl relaxing and looking at his phone in bed, but her spot beside him was occupied by their pitbull, Blueberry. The huge pooch was sleeping soundly, and Ruby was also curled up on Karl's end of the bed. She wagged her tail as Kaley spoke about the lack of room.

"Where do I sleep?" she asked. "This is a massive bed, and yet..."

Karl responded by pointing to a tiny corner that was unoccupied.

"There's some room there," he said.

Karl then stroked a still-snoozing Blueberry's head, commenting on how "happy" the peaceful pooch looked as Kaley let out an exasperated sigh.

While Kaley's dogs might sometimes steal her sleeping spot and growl at her, she's said that she's going to miss them terribly while she's busy filming in NYC. She recently told ETOnline that simply knowing she will be leaving them soon was making her cry but she plans on keeping in touch with her pooches as much as possible.

'I'm gonna have to Facetime them every single night," she said.