October 27, 2019
AEW News: Rising AEW Talent Wants To Wrestle WWE Superstar

Nyla Rose, who made an impressive start to her career in AEW, became a dominant fixture early on in the women's division. She failed to win the inaugural Women's Championship in a match against Riho earlier this month but it is clear that the company has big plans for the performer.

While her AEW career has only just begun, Rose has her sights set on a future match with a member of WWE's NXT brand. As quoted by Sportskeeda, she recently appeared on the Women's Wrestling Weekly podcast on which she revealed her dream opponent.

"I don't know if I'll get in trouble for saying this, but I'm going to say it. Mia Yim. There's a little bit of history with us. We started in the same pro wrestling school, so that's just on a personal level. Having come up with her, watching her get started, you know supporting each other, watching us both come up in the ranks, I would love that just for a very personal chapter closure."
As far as working with talents currently employed by AEW, she wants to work with Bea Priestley. The British star is currently feuding with Dr. Britt Baker, but after that rivalry is over, we could see a programme between her and Rose at some point.

Rose and Priestley are two of the most talented performers in the division and a storyline between them could result in one of the women receiving a title shot.

Rose's complimentary words towards a WWE superstar marks a change of pace in the ongoing war of words between both companies. In recent weeks, members of both company's rosters have stated that the opposition is inferior, so it's refreshing to see someone buck the trend by paying respect to a superstar employed by the competition.

As documented by The Mix, Rose also opened up about being a transgender athlete in mainstream wrestling. She revealed that some fans just can't get used to it yet, but she hopes that, should they decide to have any issues with her, they will get over her gender identification and dislike her for wrestling-centric reasons.

"I just want to go out there and perform. Hate me for the right reasons."
For the most part, however, AEW fans have accepted Rose for who she is. The company is dedicated to promoting progressive ideals because they want everyone to feel comfortable attending their shows. The promotion's general audience base also share these values.