October 27, 2019
WWE News: Becky Lynch Takes Shot At AEW

Seth Rollins and Jim Ross made headlines this week after the current WWE Universal Champion called AEW "the minor leagues," and now Becky Lynch has gotten involved to support her boyfriend.

Rollins and Lynch took to Twitter over the weekend to share the news of a Q&A session with fans, where the Universal Champion referred to Lynch as his "super over fiancee." This was an acknowledgement of the legendary announcer's recent comments, where he declared that Rollins isn't as popular as Lynch and said that he shouldn't be criticizing other companies.

When a fan tagged Ross and pointed out that Rollins was referring to his recent comments, the legendary announcer reiterated his position, which prompted Lynch to get involved by taking her own shot at AEW via her Twitter account.

"Nothing but respect, JR -- you're an amazing announcer! So go down to the locker room and announce that I would whoop your whole women's division any day of the week and twice on Sundays."
While Lynch was clearly trash-talking AEW's women's division, her comment was very much in line with her character. She's been consistent in claiming that she's capable of beating any woman since becoming "The Man," so this dig wasn't out of the ordinary for her.
However, this is the latest development in a series of shots traded between WWE and AEW superstars. Prior to Rollins referring to AEW as lesser than WWE, Kenny Omega said that the NXT roster would only wrestle in dark matches on AEW television.

Omega was talking about the current Wednesday Night War between WWE and AEW, as both companies have shows airing at the same time on their respective networks. AEW and WWE officials have stated that there isn't a war between the promotions, but they can't seem to resist an opportunity to take a dig at the opposition.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Chris Jericho backed up Omega's claims. According to the current AEW World Champion, Dynamite is capable of defeating Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown in the ratings. He also revealed that the reason NXT can't beat AEW Dynamite in the ratings is because the show lacks big-name stars.

On the latest episode of Dynamite, Cody Rhodes also referenced WWE as "that other company" during a promo segment with Jericho, where he insinuated that the opposition's product isn't as logical or entertaining as AEW's.

Lynch is merely one of several stars to insert herself in the war of words, and it's highly likely that she won't be the last.