October 27, 2019
'General Hospital' Fans Think That Nina Is Playing Valentin After Taking Him Back

Nina Reeves seemed to take her fiancé back rather quickly on ABC's General Hospital. While it looked like she would be dropping Valentin Cassadine, and possibly take up with the handsome Jasper Jacks, that didn't happen. That brought fans to wonder what is up with her.

The wedding of Nina and Valentin was stopped by Lulu, who dropped the bomb on their happiness by spilling the truth about Sasha. That led Sasha to feel so guilty that she literally told Nina that she put the whole plan into motion all by herself. She let Valentin off the hook. That also led Nina back into his arms just a few days after the bombshell was dropped. Now everyone is in shock that she took him back, but it may not be as it seems. While General Hospital in the next two weeks seems to be focused on Franco's dilemma, there will be a little Nina and Valentin thrown in as well. SheKnows Soaps says that the first week of November will have Valentin relieved about something and Nina will be visiting Nathan's grave.

At this point, Valentin believes that he is finally off the hook now that Sasha confessed that she worked alone. However, it is suspicious that Nina would believe all of that, especially with his past history of lying and being manipulative. There was one glimmer of hope last week that she may just be playing Valentin after all. The expression on her face after Ava left her office in a huff may have revealed that this is all a trap that she has set for Valentin.

General Hospital fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on Nina's actions as well. After watching Nina's actions a few days ago, they are thinking that there is something a little different about Nina this time around.

One person said, "I'm not too sure Nina is officially back with Valentin... something is off...Looks like she has her own agenda now! Doesn't feel the same."

That seems to be the sentiment going around now that Nina was looking a little suspicious a few days ago and fans are up to her nailing Valentin for conjuring up this big plan of his. Valentin's happiness may be short-lived after all.

November sweeps will be happening soon, as The Inquisitr has reminded everyone, and there could very well be something big in store for Valentin Cassadine and many other Port Charles residents.

Is Nina really playing Valentin? Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see what her agenda is and how she will nail him if she really is onto him.