October 27, 2019
Jason Momoa Rips Open His Shirt In Surprise Cameo On 'Saturday Night Live'

Jason Momoa surprised fans when he turned up on Saturday Night Live this week. The Aquaman star made a surprise cameo opposite guest host Chance the Rapper in a sketch that had him ripping open his shirt to prove his innocence.

In the hilarious courtroom-themed "First Impressions Court," Momoa turned up in an animal-print shirt to face charges that he stole from the elderly Gladys Feldman (Kate McKinnon). As Chance the Rapper's Judge Barry questioned him, Momoa's gigolo character accused Gladys of stealing his heart. But she accused him of stealing the chandelier earrings that had been in her family for generations.

That's when Momoa ripped open his shirt to show the earrings pierced to his nipples.

"What? These?" he asked as he jumped up and down. "They were a gift!"

While Momoa and Chance had trouble holding back their own laughter during the sketch and even stumbled over their lines -- at one point, Momoa misspoke and said he was a "certified paraplegic"instead of a "certified paralegal" -- fans took to the SNL Instagram page to react to the unexpected scene.

"Best skit of the night!" wrote one fan.

"Oh my freaking gosh. There is no emoji to represent my feelings right about now," another added.

"Guilty of being sexy af," a third fan wrote of Momoa.

"Been a long time since I've laughed from SNL! This was too funny!" another commenter wrote.

You can see Jason Momoa's Saturday Night Live cameo below.

Later in the show, Momoa made another shirtless cameo when he flashed his nipple rings while introducing Chance for his second musical performance of the night.

Momoa also took to Instagram to express gratitude for being asked to appear on Saturday Night Live. The 40-year-old actor posted a series of pics taken backstage at the NBC late-night comedy show.

"As good as it gets for me. @nbcsnl The greatest show on earth I will always be a fan love to the amazing crew and cast I'm so grateful. Aloha," Momoa captioned the snaps.

Jason Momoa first appeared on Saturday Night Live when he was the guest host last December, where he also managed to disrobe multiple times. For his debut SNL hosting gig, Momoa went shirtless in a Game Of Thrones sketch, among others.

In an interview with CNN, Momoa admitted that being on Saturday Night Live was a bucket list moment for him.

"Freaking 'SNL,' which is my dream," Momoa said ahead of his guest stint. "It's literally marry my wife (actress Lisa Bonet), babies, 'SNL.' It's done!"

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on NBC. Upcoming guests include Kristen Stewart, Coldplay, Harry Styles, and SNL veteran Eddie Murphy, who will return for the show's Christmas episode on December 21.