October 27, 2019
Donald Trump Vague Tweets And Twitter Responds With Hilarious Theories

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday night with an incredibly vague tweet. Many Twitter users took the opportunity to respond with hilarious possibilities about what the president's tweet might mean.

"Something very big has just happened!" tweeted Trump.

The wording is quite vague, and the tweet came about four hours after his previous message on the popular social media platform. In that one, Trump endorsed Tate Reeves in Kentucky, and since the election isn't until November 5, it seems that his vague tweet is not related to his endorsement of Reeves in any way.

Twitter, perhaps not surprisingly, had plenty of thoughts on what might have happened for President Trump on Saturday night.

"I didn't see your resignation announcement, so it can't be that big," replied writer Nick Pappas. He went on to speculate that the teaser was simply before the president tweets out another conspiracy theory.

Others, like Dr. Eugene Gu, took the opportunity to shade the president on a previous faux. The doctor shared a picture of Trump with his wife Melania, with the president reaching his hand out toward the first lady. Gu drew an arm on her body with a sharpie showing them holding hands even though the first lady's actual arm rested by her side.

Gu's dig at the president referenced the map from the National Weather Service, which had Hurricane Dorian's predicted path drawn in Sharpie to match the president's assertation that the State of Alabama was in danger of being hit by the hurricane. The Inquisitr previously reported that the man who held that map, acting secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, left the Trump administration.

Many Twitter users also predicted that the president just had a massive bowel movement and that he sent his vague tweet from the bathroom.

"The fact that 92% of the replies relate to the size of your poop is a sad reflection on your so-called 'presidency,'" wrote chairman of The Dem Coalition, Jon Cooper.

Of course, plenty of people criticized the president for tweeting something so vague on a Saturday night. The 45th president of the United States has 66.2 million followers on the social media platform, and while he uses it to make all sorts of announcements, Trump typically says a lot instead of so little like tonight.

"Thanks for the update, president of a country," replied actor and writer Cody Johnston.

Several other thoughts on what the big thing could be included McDonald's McRib coming to the menu all year long as well as the possibility that Trump planned to announce his resignation. Given last night's Trump tweet to "Tim" about the iPhone, some people felt perhaps the president finally learned how to use his.

Then, some of Trump's supporters also wondered if Hillary Clinton got arrested since the president promised to lock her up over her email scandal. The Associated Press reported that investigators found no evidence that the former Secretary of State willfully mishandled classified information in her emails.

So far, the president has not followed up with any new information about what he meant. However, Hogan Gidley, White House deputy press secretary, said that Trump plans to make an announcement at 9 am tomorrow morning from the White House. Fox News reported that the U.S. took out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State.