'Sports Illustrated' Hottie Haley Kalil Rocks Catwoman Costume On Instagram

Haley Kalil posted a video of her Halloween costume today, and it turned out that she went as Catwoman. The look consisted of a shiny, black bodysuit, which included a matching mask. The mask featured the iconic cat ears, and she completed the look with a pair of thigh-high, lace-up boots.

The Sports Illustrated hottie also kept true to the original by holding a black whip in her left hand. The video showed the model sitting towards the bottom of a flight of stairs. They were white with a dark wood top, and white banisters could be seen in the backdrop. Haley sat up with her legs wide apart, as she gave coy looks. She then pretended to lick the back of her right hand, clearly getting into the zone of the Catwoman role. The model was then spotted breaking into laughter as she broke character and stood up to leave.

The video received a ton of nice comments from the model's dedicated fans.

"Whaaaaaat!!! You killed it!!! This is pure fire," gushed a follower.

"Stop this is so on point," stated an admirer.

"Well I think they found the next cat girl. Time to do a new movie starring Hayley," suggested an Instagram user.

In addition, the model shared multiple Instagram stories that revealed more of her outfit. She was seen posing for multiple selfies. Plus, there was a video clip of her walking down the stairs in her outfit, presumably before the clip for the post was taken.

And prior to these updates, Haley showed herself having a blast before getting ready. This included a clip of her dancing around in a bright, light turquoise t-shirt. She wore her hair down in a heavy left part and used a hearts and arrows video filter for a fun and flirty vibe.

The model also shared a selfie of herself pressing the right side of her face with her hands. This is obviously a joking post, as she made a silly bored face.

"When you're too lazy to start doing your Halloween costume makeup....," read the captions.

Lazy or not, it's clear that the costume was a hit among her fans. And arguably, there was nothing lazy with how she applied her makeup, as she offered a convincing Catwoman costume.

Followers will have to wait and see if the model has any more outfits planned between now and the holiday. Plus, those that can't get enough of Haley should check out a prior post where she rocked a bikini.