David Eason Shares Controversial Picture Of Daughter With A Dead Squirrel & Gun

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason shared a controversial snap on Instagram of their 2-year-old daughter Ensley on Friday.

The snap featured their adorable toddler wearing a beige winter coat, blue jeans, and rubber rain boots. The toddler had one of her hands tightly wrapped around the tail of a dead squirrel as she held it in front of her and smiled with her head tilted to the side as her daddy snapped the photo.

What was presumably the hunting rifle Eason used to kill the rodent in his daughter's hand was also visible in the snap. It was leaned up against the tree directly behind his daughter.

The Instagram post contained three different snapshots. The second was a picture of David holding up the rodent by the tail while both he and Ensley smiled.

The third photo in the collection featured the family sitting down to their squirrel dinner. Ensley had a plate of food in front of her with a sippy cup nearby. A serving plate with the cooked squirrel meat was also visible sitting in front of the child. While his toddler wasn't smiling in this particular photo, she did appear to be intently focused on her food.

While Eason doesn't have nearly the social media following that his wife does, his controversial post did attract a lot of attention. It accumulated just shy of 1,500 likes as over 200 individuals took to the comments section.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of different opinions that quickly flooded in.

For starters, one follower questioned why the gun needed to be so close to the toddler in the photo. The comment caused a stir of drama as some were quick to fire back at the individual. Some noted there was no way to know whether the gun was loaded and he could have had the safety on. Some noted they should just be happy his daughter didn't have the gun in her hands.

David did have some followers who didn't take much issue with the snapshot. In fact, they wanted to know whether he kept the fur and how he preferred to cook and serve his squirrel. One follower noted that it was especially tasty with gravy.

Eason had a few followers who noted they had no idea what squirrel tasted like and asked if it was worth trying. A few even questioned if consuming this particular rodent was even safe.

"I might sound ignorant but it's a true question, do you have to worry about any diseases with squirrels like you have to worry about with raccoons? I live in NC, you'd think I know the answer lol," one follower questioned.

While several others agreed they were concerned about how safe the meat was, there were others that confirmed it was fine. One individual noted people who eat squirrel tend to eat it the same way they eat beef.