Camille Kostek Throws A Football Like A Pro In Sports Bra And Leggings For New Video

Sports Illustrated cover girl Camille Kostek took to Instagram on Saturday to show her fans that she knows how to throw a football. In her most recent post on the social media platform, the blond beauty is on the field in a sports bra, leggings, and a light jacket. She's standing in front of a net with holes big enough for a football to go through. In one seamless motion, she aims, throws, and sends the ball through one of the targets

In the background, you can hear a couple of male voices go "wow" and Camille's fans marveled at her technique in the comments section as well.

"Clap & Spin combo was equally as impressive," one fan wrote.

"Next quarterback of the Patriots," another added.

"One of the many reasons I love you," a third commented.

"She can do it all folks," a fourth gushed.

Longtime fans of Camille Kostek will likely be unsurprised by the showing of skill. She makes no secret of the fact that she's a fan of the sport with a special place in her heart for the New England Patriots. Before she became a swimsuit model, Camille was a cheerleader for the team. She's also dating former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Camille has previously revealed that the transition from cheerleading to modeling hasn't been easy. One of the main pushbacks she received at first was that her body type wasn't right for the industry. As The Inquistr reported, Camille has said that Rob advised her against losing weight when an agency told her it was what she needed to do to succeed.

"Rob has been one of my biggest motivators," she said in an interview earlier this year with Fox News. "I constantly see the work he takes on, both on the field and off. He's definitely someone I admire. I see the goals that he sets and I'm constantly trying to set greater goals myself. I don't know if I'll ever catch up to his legacy, but it's definitely something that keeps me going."

Camille and Rob have reportedly been dating for about four years, according to a relationship timeline published by E! Online. They may have started dating after she retired from the Patriots' cheerleading squad, but she would often post photos and videos of herself supporting him at his games when he was on the team.

Given how long they've been together, there's likely some fans who are wondering if they plan to get married. Only time will tell. In the meantime, fans of the couple can stay tuned to their Instagram pages for their life updates.