October 26, 2019
Obama Official: Donald Trump Should Be Concerned About Retiring Republicans, They Might Support Impeachment

On Saturday, former Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu went on MSNBC to discuss the possibility of Republicans in the United States Congress supporting impeachment or removal of President Donald Trump, Raw Story reports.

Pointing to reports about "impeachment silence" in the Senate, host Alex Witt began the discussion by asking whether silence from certain Republicans is, in fact, a signal that they are ready to support impeachment or removal of the president.

Lu, who served in the Department of Labor during Barack Obama's presidency, acknowledged that GOP lawmakers appear to lack "political courage," and remain reluctant or unwilling to oppose Trump. However, he suggested, the president should be concerned about retiring lawmakers such as Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

According to the former Obama administration official, retiring Republicans have nothing to lose by supporting impeachment and removal, because they are not worried about their seats, and don't fear an electoral backlash.

"I would say what the president really should be concerned about, probably Susan Collins, but really, Lamar Alexander and other Republicans that are retiring," Lu said.

Retiring Republicans "don't have to fear the wrath of Trump and his base," he added.

In both chambers of Congress, according to Lu, there are Republicans who are growing increasingly critical of the president, and some of them will not seek re-election. This leaves open the possibility that they will support impeachment or even removal, the former deputy secretary of labor said.

These Republicans are "kind of a wild card group of people who both either in the House or the Senate could potentially vote on impeachment charges," said Lu.

Nevertheless, the former Obama administration official noted once again, "the past record of Republicans defying the president hasn't been great."

Although the vast majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill remains faithful to the president, some of them are reportedly not satisfied with how the White House is handling the impeachment inquiry. According to CNN's Kristen Holmes, some GOP lawmakers have been "begging" the White House to set up a war room in order to combat the inquiry.

For now, the GOP appears to be focused on procedural matters, with Republican lawmakers determined to prove that House Democrats are not conducting their investigations in a transparent manner.

According to House Democrats, Trump needs to be impeached because he used the power of his office to pressure the government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The president had a quid pro quo agreement with Ukraine and threatened to cut military aid unless the eastern European country's government fulfills his request, according to impeachment advocates.