Jon Gosselin And Ex-Wife Kate Will 'Never See Eye To Eye' On Parenting, He Admits

In a new interview, former reality television star Jon Gosselin is admitting that he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin will likely never manage to see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting the eight children they have together. Not only that, but Jon opens up about how he has little-to-no contact with the kids currently living with Kate.

Gosselin chatted with Us Weekly about the current state of things with his ex Kate and his eight kids. He continues to have custody of Collin and Hannah, two of the six septuplets that catapulted the Gosselin family to fame with their own reality television show. The oldest two kids, twins Mady and Cara, are now attending college. The remaining four kids, Aaden, Alexis, Leah, and Joel, live with Kate.

"I don't think coparenting is ever going to exist between us because we are never going to see eye to eye. We have completely different parenting styles."
Jon and Kate have battled in court over whether or not the Gosselin kids can continue to film shows for TLC. Not long ago, Jon claimed that Kate and TLC filmed illegally without proper working permits for the kids. He maintains that he will never again sign work permits for any of the underage kids to film.At this point, Jon admits, he rarely sees his other six children and has virtually no relationship with them. He says that Kate puts roadblocks in his way to maintaining those relationships and he's agreed to back off for now.
"[A]s long as Hannah and Collin still talk to their siblings and the kids can interact with each other, then that's fine with me. I'll go along."
Jon has previously said that he won't force his kids to stay in contact with him, but he hopes they'll know he will always be available to them. He also says he is respecting Mady and Cara's request that he not speak about them to the media and he details that he's pulled back on talking about Hannah and Collin publicly too.
"I've decided to just let all the kids be teenagers. Anything else that comes up will just be about me and her, whatever that might be."
For her part, it doesn't seem that Kate has responded to any of the public statements Jon has made in recent weeks about filming, their contentious relationship, or their eight children.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been apart for a decade now, and it certainly seems as if there's no end to the disagreements in sight. Luckily, it does seem as if all eight Gosselin kids are happy and doing well, even if they aren't all living with the same parent.