Bella Thorne Sizzles In '70s Disco Queen Halloween Costume On Instagram

Bella Thorne shared a new Instagram photo today of her Halloween outfit. She posed in front of a white door and struck multiple poses to show off the ensemble. Perhaps most notable was her light purple wig, which was incredibly large. She then wore a tan, tasseled bikini. The photos captured the movement of the tassels, as Bella moved around.

The actress' makeup was also eye-catching, which included dramatic, dark lipstick. She wore three necklaces, one which was a pearl necklace and another which was a collar-style necklace. Bella also sported dark eyeliner, including her lower lids, which extended into a small cat-eye. Her drop earrings could be seen.

In addition, the former Disney star took things a step further with face paint. This included squiggles of red and purple that extended out of her eye and up her forehead, along with down her cheeks.

While the first photo showed Bell from the front, the second photo showed her look from the back. It revealed that the tan bikini bottom was more of a skirt and featured a geometric design.

The final photo showed the actress smiling widely as the tassels flew in the air by her right shoulder. The updates have been liked over 389,000 times so far, catching the eye of fellow actress, Anna Faris from Mom.

"Oh amazing!!" she exclaimed.

Other followers seemed to agree.

"U r wild and bold best costume," complimented a follower.

"Finally an actual good Halloween costume," declared a fan.

"You can pull off anything," gushed an admirer.

Fans got a clue that the "Disco Queen" costume was on Bella's mind, as she posted a photo three days ago in the same theme. This time, she was spotted in an all-pink look. Her hair was light pink to neon pink, and she painted two red hearts over her eyes. The actress also wore sparkling lipstick, which added to the pink theme.

She was spotted wearing lots of necklaces this time, many of which featured sparkling diamonds. The longest one was of a cross. There were two photos in this set, with the second one showing Bella turning her head more to the right. These photos proved very popular and garnered over 473,000 times so far.

So far, this is the only costume that Bella has shared with her fans. It sounds like she's rocking it tonight for an event. It'll be interesting to see if she has any other costumes up her sleeve for future events.

And for fans that can't seem to get enough of Bella, check out her recent leather-inspired outfit.