'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco's Fate Is Determined And It Doesn't Look Good For Liz

The week of October 21 on General Hospital was full of dramatic testimonies regarding Franco Baldwin's mental state. He can't remember his own life, but he sure does know every detail of Drew Cain's. Liz and Kim are both fighting for the man they love, but one will come out of this heartbroken.

The new preview for Monday's General Hospital shows Franco, Kim, Liz, Cameron, and Scott all waiting on pins and needles for the judge's ruling in this complicated case. After Kevin's shocking revelation that he thinks Franco/Drew is capable of making his own medical decisions, not Liz, the verdict sure doesn't look to be going in her and Scott's favor. The spoilers for the week of October 28 from SheKnows Soaps seems to indicate that Franco will be left to live out the life he wants as Drew. Liz won't be able to make him go through the procedure that could bring back her husband's memories.

On Tuesday, Scott will be looking for some help. Maybe he is just so distraught over losing the case and his son, that he is seeking guidance as to what to do next. It looks like Bobbie may be giving him some love during his grieving time.

Where will Franco go now? It sounds like he is needing some time to think about what he will do next. Spoilers tease that Sonny will be getting involved by giving Franco a place to stay. There are no other details given, but this is interesting considering that Sonny doesn't like Franco much. However, he did save Cameron from the same fate and he is now thinking he is Drew Cain. Sonny and Carly became friends with the real Drew, so Sonny may just have a heart and give the guy a break from the women who are fighting for him.

November sweeps is approaching quickly and The Inquisitr had previously detailed some of the action coming up soon. One of them involves Peter August who is keeping close tabs on the Franco Baldwin trial. He told Maxie that it is for writing a story, but viewers know that he is up to no good trying to keep his past secrets hidden from her. It's not going to be pretty if she ever gets wind of what her boyfriend has been up to these past few weeks.

There is much more drama ahead on General Hospital. Keep watching weekdays on ABC to see what Franco's fate will be.