Medieval Knight Found Under Car Park In Scotland

The remains of a medieval knight have been found under a car park in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Archaeologists discovered the corner of a sandstone slab after the car park was demolished. The stone in question featured the markings of the Calvary Cross with a sword.

The medieval knight was found after archaeologists decided to do a bit of digging. The discovery of the grave and the remains are considered by some to be “one of the most significant and exciting archaeological discoveries in the city for years.”

Ross Murray studied at the University of Leicester. The archaeologist said he used to attend class not too far from where the remains medieval knight were found.

“We knew the history of the High School Yards site while we were studying here, but I never imagined I would be back here to make such an incredible discovery,” Murray explained.

He added, “We used to take breaks between classes just a few feet away in the building’s doorway and at that time the grave was lying under the car park.”

The car park was demolished in order to make way for the University of Edinburgh’s Edinburgh Center of Carbon Innovation. Director Andy Kerr said he had a feeling that crews might unearth something during the project.

“We always knew that the building retrofit might uncover historical artifacts, given the site’s history, but this knight is an extraordinary and exciting find. We want our new building to play a key role in shaping Scotland’s future, as these historical buildings on this site did in their time,” he said.


In order to learn more about the medieval knight, scientists will perform a series of tests on the remains. Experts hope to discover where the individual was born and how he died. Tests will also be performed to learn how the man lived and what he ate.

The discovery comes not too long after the bones of King Richard III were discovered in a car park in Leicester. The find is considered to be one of the most significant archaeological finds in history.

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