Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Slays As Uma Thurman's Character From 'Kill Bill' In Cleavage-Baring Costume

Actress Elizabeth Hurley treated her 1.4 million followers on Instagram with her latest post featuring her sexy movie-inspired Halloween costume. It looks like the star is enjoying an early celebration this weekend, and it is all treats with perhaps a few tricks thrown in.

Hurley channeled Uma Thurman's character, The Bride, from Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film Kill Bill: Vol 1. In the series of two images, the Bedazzled actress wore a skin-tight yellow jumpsuit with black stripes and the word "crane" written on the belt. She left the outfit's zipper partly unzipped, giving her fans a hint of her cleavage. The actress sported noticeably lighter hair, which may have been a wig. The long layers fell over Hurley's shoulders, and bangs hung across her forehead, partially obscuring one eye. She wore shiny nude lipstick and lined her eyes heavily in black. She accessorized with a sword similar to Thurman's in the movie, and in the second image, it appeared as if Hurley almost used the sword on the woman standing next to her who wore a short white layered skirt. Hurley posed with her mouth open in both pictures, but in the second one, her tongue was visible.

Hurley's followers appreciated her fun, Halloween share, and more than 25,000 Instagram users hit the "like" button in the hour after she shared the pictures. Plus, almost 500 fans also took the time to leave a supportive comment for the actress.

Many people on the popular social media platform loved Hurley's choice of costume, and several commented about how hot she looked.

"Only you would look hot in that," replied fashion designer Melissa Odabash who also included a multitude of fire emoji with her praising reply.

"Wow, didn't think you could look much hotter! But that outfit," gushed another fan.

"Whoever you are supposed to be, you look a lot like that sexy Elizabeth Hurley lady," one person jokingly wrote.

Other followers wondered how the movie might have turned out if Hurley had played the role of The Bride.

"I love Kill Bill, but she would have made it even better!" a fan exclaimed.

In her Instagram story, the actress also shared a couple of candid snaps of herself having a great time at the party.

This Saturday's share is a far cry from last week's when the actress posted a picture of herself in a low-cut pink outfit at her own house and echoed Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz writing a hashtag that read there's no place like home. The Inquisitr previously reported that earlier this week, Hurley rocked a gorgeous gold sparkly shirt to get into the spirit of the season.