October 26, 2019
Another Duggar Family Member Has Joined Instagram, Jedidiah Shares His First Post

There is yet another Duggar family member who has officially joined the world of social media. If anyone searched for the reality TV family members on Instagram on Saturday, they may have noticed a new name and face that popped up. Jedidiah Duggar, or Jed as he goes by, is now on and posting.

Jed's first post was that of himself with a few friends showing up to the grand opening of a new coffee shop that he says is just down the road from him. It looks like maybe this guy has taken after sister Jinger's love for a good cup of joe. He even posted his first Instagram story as well, showing the long line of people ahead of him waiting to order.

His account hasn't yet gotten the official check mark from the social media platform, but it's only a matter of time before that happens just like the other members of his family. His older sister, Jana Duggar, has already started following him, as well as family friend Laura DeMasie and the official family Instagram.

This comes just 10 months after Jana joined Instagram. Many were pleasantly surprised by that move and fans have been enjoying her postings ever since. Once Jana joined, everyone assumed that this meant that she was officially courting or about ready make an announcement. That seemed to be the norm when it came to her now-married siblings that joined right about the time they became engaged. Jana Duggar seemed to break that tradition. She is not courting at all or even close to it right now.

Does this mean the same for Jed Duggar? The 20-year-old Counting On star may have a girl that he has his eye on, or he may just be following in Jana's footsteps and decided that it was just time to share his life with fans.

There had been rumors of one of the Duggar boys courting, as The Inquisitr had recently reported. However, nothing else has been said about that. On last week's episode of Counting On, girls were talked about among the boys, but it didn't sound like any of them are courting just yet.

Fans may want to be on the lookout for Jed's twin brother, Jeremiah, who may also choose to make an account. Jason Duggar is just a year younger at 19 and may be ready to appear on social media as well. It may not be too long before these eligible bachelors will soon have their eye on a girl and be making their own announcement.