Here's How Travis Scott Reportedly Feels After Kylie Jenner Was Seen At Drake's Party

Travis Scott is reportedly well aware of his ex Kylie Jenner being romantically linked to Drake and has his own opinions of the pair's rumored affair.

Hollywood Life reports that after learning that Jenner and Drake were reportedly engaging in flirty exchanges at his 33rd birthday, Scott has been concerned with how far the "Nice For What" rapper is going with his ex. The "SICKO MODE" rapper has been friends with Drake for years, and a source told the outlet that while Drake has also been close with the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, his loyalty should've been to his friendship with Scott.

"Travis considers Drake a good friend. He loves collaborating and performing with Drake," the source said.

"He trusts that it was just a fun night out and nothing more happened and people are just overshooting their expectations on this potential relationship."
If they are in fact dating, Scott would reportedly also be upset with Jenner's and Drake's relationship because of the timing. The Scott and Jenner broke up earlier this month, deciding to focus on their friendship and being co-parents to their daughter- Stormi, 1. Before the pair decided to break up, they reportedly attended a party of Drake's just last year.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Drake isn't the only Young Money rapper that has been linked to Jenner this month. Just days after Jenner and Scott broke up, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO was seen in the same place as her ex, Tyga, at the same time. The first time, Jenner was reported with her friends outside of a studio Tyga was at late at night. The reality star addressed the outing on her Twitter page, noting that it was simply a coincidence.

Jenner and Tyga were also seen at a club in Los Angeles at the time. Jenner was with her friends and sister Khloe Kardashian and Tyga was already inside. While it's unclear if they interacted with each other, the two have seemingly not had any drama with each other since their breakup in 2017.While Jenner and Drake are possibly becoming more than good friends, both she and Scott are focusing on their careers. A source told HL that Scott, however, is still holding on to some hope that the couple will reunite.

"Travis would still love to figure out getting back with Kylie, so hearing that a friend might be coming on his turf so to speak is a little jarring for Travis to handle," the source continues to say of the rumors.