Michael Jackson Séances Are 'Strange' And 'Not Very Believable,' Says Yvette Fielding

Many mediums claim to be able to contact dead celebrities. As The Inquisitr reported, TV psychic Tyler Henry suggested that he was able to contact Michael Jackson, who he said has attained a "deep sense of peace" in the afterlife. Granted, the comment was made before the release of the controversial HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, which delves into Jackson's alleged sexual abuse.

Daily Star reports that Most Haunted host Yvette Fielding recently spoke about such mediums and said she finds them "odd" given that they have no connection to the stars prior to their death. Although Fielding claims she has had experiences with the afterlife, she says she has yet to have a celebrity ghost experience.

"And actually people who have never met these celebrities, and then go to somewhere where they might have performed at or stayed in, and suddenly they go, 'yeah they are coming through.' I just think 'why, there is no connection to you whatsoever?'"
"I could understand it if it was a relative and it was int [sic] their private home," she continued, adding that she finds the phenomenon "strange" and "not very believable" unless the connection is made through a relative.

"I haven't had any experience with any celebrity ghost, historical figures maybe, but not celebs," she said.

Fielding also confirmed that she has never been in contact with the King of Pop.

Earlier this year, allegations against Jackson -- accusing him of sexually abusing Wade Robson and James Safechuck -- were featured in Leaving Neverland, which was directed by Dan Reed. Since the documentary's release, Reed has received backlash from Jackson's supporters and those that were closest to the singer.

In the documentary Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth, Jackson's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, says that all of the sexual abuse allegations leveled against the late pop star throughout his life were motivated by money. He has also spoken about the decline in Jackson's mental state following the 2005 sexual abuse allegations and subsequent trial that led to him being acquitted.

Per The Inquisitr, others -- such as Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, who met Jackson through self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller -- believe that the Jackson estate should adequately address the accusations against the "Smooth Criminal" singer.

As for Reed, he claims that he was drawn to Robson and Safechuck's stories due to the combination of sexual abuse as well as other factors, such as "love, affection, mentoring, friendship, caring." He claims that the co-existence of these two things was what drew him to the story the most.