Wendy Williams Opens Up About Taking Her Teenage Son To A Strip Club In Hollywood

Wendy Williams may be scoring some cool mom points with her teenage son after she took him and her nephew to a strip club during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy Williams opened up on her talk show about her decision to take her 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her 25-year-old nephew to a strip club.

Wendy revealed that she's not the mother that she thought she would be, and when Kevin asked her to go to a strip club, she thought he was crazy. Williams revealed that she believed that if the media got wind of the trip, they would think their family was nuts, and that her estranged husband, Kevin Sr., had already made them look crazy enough.

As many fans will remember, Wendy filed for divorce after months of rumors that Kevin Sr. had been cheating on her and that he had fathered a child with his mistress. Wendy later confirmed that the rumors were true.

Meanwhile, Wendy revealed that she originally shot down Kevin's idea of going to a strip club together, but changed her mind after they had flown to Hollywood so that Williams could get her star on the Walk Of Fame.

"But while we were out in Hollywood and I got the star and I was out with my nephew who's 25, my son who's 19, and I was just feeling it — and you know, I was invited to the strip club, and I asked my son and my nephew and said do you wanna go?" Williams told her audience.

"I grabbed my manager Bernie and James the security guard and we went to the strip club. I didn't have any one [dollar bills]. My son and nephew hadn't been before — they didn't know how to make it rain, they were just dropping ones," Wendy added.

ET reports that while in Hollywood to get her star, Wendy got emotional when she dished on what the honor meant to her, revealing that it's not easy living life in the spotlight, but that it was surreal to have her son by her side during the event.

Williams says that Kevin Jr. has only known her as his working mom, or his mother who likes to say "out of order" things, but now he can look at her and proudly state that she "did it."

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Wendy Williams by following the talk show host on her Instagram account.