'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Cops Plea Deal In Domestic Battery Case, Won't Serve Jail Time

Amber Portwood is trying to get her life back on track after a shocking arrest this past July for alleged domestic battery against her boyfriend and baby daddy, Andrew Glennon. The Teen Mom OG star has recently taken a plea deal in the case against her, which will ensure that she will not serve any jail time for the incident.

According to E! News, Amber will receive only one felony charge and be placed under probation for the span of one year following the plea deal. If Portwood completes her probation without incident, then her felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Amber was arrested over the summer after she allegedly attacked Andrew while he was reportedly holding their baby son, James. The reality star was said to have gone after Glennon with a machete. However, she has strongly denied those allegations.

Following the incident, Glennon sought custody of the baby, and a no-contact order was put in place to keep Amber and baby James away from one another as the details got sorted out. Now, the order as been lifted and Portwood is free to see her child.

Back in September, Amber appeared on the Teen Mom OG reunion special and spoke with Dr. Drew Pinskey about the situation.

"I opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself," Amber said, referencing the months she spent in prison following a domestic dispute with her former boyfriend, Gary Shirley, whom she shares her 10-year-old daughter Leah with.

"You haven't heard sh*t from me since then. I haven't got in trouble one time. But all of a sudden, I'm running after my kid and [Andrew] with a machete? You're insane," Portwood said, brushing off the wild rumors surrounding her arrest.

Now, sources are telling the outlet that Amber is "hopeful" that she and Andrew will be able to work through some of their issues, and at the very least come up with a fair custody agreement that works for both of them and allows little James to have both of his parents in his life.

Amber is currently seeing James during supervised visitations and is filming the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, where she will likely have a lot to say about her arrest and custody situation with Andrew.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Amber Portwood by following the reality star on her Instagram account.