October 26, 2019
Dwayne Johnson Jests That Kevin Hart Sleeps With A 'The Rock' Pillow

As those who follow Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on Instagram know, the duo have a bit of a strange relationship. While Kevin and Dwayne are friends and frequently co-star in films together, at a distance they appear to have an ongoing social media beef.

Some of the best Instagram posts from their ongoing "feud" between the two actors.

It was after Hart and Johnson co-starred together in the action-comedy Central Intelligence back in 2016 that fans fell in love with the duo. Naturally, they longed to see the pairing on the big screen again. Fortunately, fans got their wish in 2017 when the duo co-starred in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle a year later. Fans of the pairing will get to watch Kevin and Dwayne together once more in the Jumanji sequel as well.

In addition to watching Kevin and Dwayne on the big screen together, their fans enjoy watching how the duo interact on Instagram. In fact, they've had several hilarious Instagram "feuds."

In a post that has accumulated over 7.6 million likes and nearly 200,000 comments, Dwayne shared a snap of himself holding his newborn daughter. He, however, face-swapped his daughter's face for Kevin Hart's. In the caption, he jested that he was the father of Kevin and would protect his "tiny little soul."

Kevin seized an opportunity to troll Johnson when his favorite co-star was awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Kevin shared a snap of the exciting moment before calling attention to Johnson's decision to get on "all fours." Hart questioned why the muscular actor looked as if he was preparing for a track meet.In a snap that has accumulated over 2.5 million likes, Johnson called attention to Kevin's "stupid face." The snap Dwayne shared featured the duo standing in front of the Eiffel Tower during a press tour for Jumanji.In a less popular post, Johnson also shared a slow motion video clip of himself pushing Kevin Hart down on the set of Jumanji. Dwayne jested that the entire crew approved of his action. He also added another layer to his previous post calling Hart his child, as he joked that no one contacted Child Protective Services regarding his abuse of the small actor.Dwayne's latest Instagram dig at Kevin Hart is hidden in a recent video clip on his profile.

In a lengthy video clip on Instagram, Dwayne reveals that he has worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for over two decades. He strives to grant wishes and bring smiles to sick children and their families. According to the video, he was meeting a young girl named Lexi Peiffer, who was a huge fan.

During the video, Dwayne revealed that he had learned a lot about Lexi. He, however, did not want to come off as a creepy person. So he decided not to share all of the detailed information. Her family jokingly retorted that Lexi slept with a pillowcase featuring The Rock every night. Dwayne seized the opportunity to take a jab at Kevin Hart and noted his smaller co-star also sleeps with a The Rock pillow.

The video has been viewed just shy of 3 million times in a little over 24 hours. It has also accumulated just shy of 9,000 comments.

For the most part, no one leaving comments really seemed to notice or acknowledge the jab to Hart. His followers were focused on commending the actor on taking the time to bring a smile to the young girl's face.