October 26, 2019
WWE News: CM Punk Reveals How Much It Will Cost WWE To Bring Him Back

While CM Punk has stated that he's open to returning to WWE, he's been tight-lipped about how much it would cost to get him there. Rumors stated that he has been seeking a blank check offer, but the former superstar has provided a more concrete figure.

As quoted by Fightful, Punk recently appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast in which he revealed how much money it would take for him to even consider lacing up his boots again.

"I think the conversation would have to start at somewhere like, 20, 25 [million]. I'm not doing a single [Saudi Arabia show]."
While WWE appears to be open to bringing Punk into the fold, they might not believe that he commands that amount of money. As reported by WrestlingNews.co, Vince McMahon is interested in resigning the "Straight Edge Superstar." However, the WWE chairman apparently doesn't care if he signs for another promotion.

The door is also open to him to join AEW, but the company isn't actively pursuing him. As The Inquisitr previously reported, AEW soured on Punk after he made the organization look unprofessional during an interview with ESPN in which he revealed that they made him an offer via a text message.

The general consensus among AEW's executives and top superstars is that he'd be a great addition to their company, but they would rather focus on performers who have a burning desire to be a part of the company and the wrestling business.

CM Punk competes against Roman Reigns

Despite having had plenty of negative things to say about the WWE in the past, Punk was complimentary about McMahon during the Pardon My Take interview. He revealed that he thinks the chairman is smart about his approach to content creation.

"Everybody has their own streaming service and everybody needs content. Everyone is producing their own TV show. Hulu, Netflix, they're producing their own shows and movies instead of paying people for their stuff. Everybody wants their own IP. That's the smart way to go. I don't think Vince does anything without a camera being involved and trying to make a show out of it."
Punk's recent interviews suggest that he bears no ill will toward WWE these days, and the feeling appears to be reciprocated. As Triple H told ESPN MMA, the company would never say no to the possibility of bringing Punk back if the opportunity presented itself. It will be interesting to see if they approach him at some point now that he has revealed his demands.