LeAnn Rimes Rocks Form-Fitting Maroon Yoga Pants & Sports Bra In Stunning New Photo

LeAnn Rimes is showcasing another side of herself that some of her fans may not know about. This week, the singer took to Instagram to reveal that she's partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation to host a live yoga class for fans.

The photo that LeAnn used to announce the event featured the "Blue" singer in some skintight and revealing workout clothes, which flaunted all of her curves.

Rimes is seen sporting a pair of form-fitting maroon yoga pants that showcased her long, lean legs, curvy booty, and tiny waist. She paired the bottoms with a matching sports bra, which boasted thin spaghetti straps and gave fans a peek at her toned arms, flat tummy, and ample bust.

LeAnn goes barefoot in the photo as she sits on a yoga mat and directs a sultry stare to the camera. She had her long, blond hair pulled up behind her head, as loose strands blew in her face.

The singer also sported a full face of makeup, as she opted for defined eyebrows, long lashes, and pink blush on her cheeks. LeAnn also added long lashes, pink eyeshadow, a shimmering glow, and a dark berry color on her lips to complete the glam look.

However, longtime fans likely won't be surprised that LeAnn has partnered with the foundation, as she is often outspoken for events and causes that she's passionate about.

One such thing that LeAnn likes to advocate for is stepparents and the importance they play in children's lives. Rimes herself is the stepmother to her husband Eddie Cibrian's two sons, Jake and Mason, whom he shares with his former wife, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn has spoken out many times in the past about her relationship with the boys, and how important it is to her. She's even revealed that the family celebrates Stepmom's Day.

"I learned about Stepmom's Day a few years ago... We celebrate with the kids, go to dinner and do the whole thing. I love the fact that there is a stepmom's day and an option [for stepparents to celebrate]. It's so different for each family... I think it's important that people know about it. I've been posting about it for the last couple of years on Instagram and Twitter and not many stepmoms know about it. For me, we have the kids half the time, so I feel like I am mothering, which is crazy as someone who has never had [biological] children before. I think it's great," LeAnn told Refinery 29 back in 2017.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of LeAnn Rimes by following her on her Instagram account.