Fox CT Celebrates Women’s Day With Cleavage Shots [Video]

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Fox 61 Connecticut celebrated Women’s Day this year by discussing public policy, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, and broadcasting some cleavage.

Yep, as Fox anchor Erica Arias talked about the contributions that women have made to the country and the struggles they will face in the future, the station aired footage of women walking down the street with the camera zoomed in on their breasts.

Jacqueline Kozin, co-president of the Connecticut National Organization of Women, told CT News Junkie: “The airing of the footage is repugnant and is not of the level of a credible news organization … Fox CT News, whether they intended to or not, has just inserted their organization into a culture war and sent the message that women should not be taken seriously. It is an insult to the female employees at Fox and to women throughout Connecticut.”

Teresa Younger, executive director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, added: “I’m pissed .. I’m appalled. We invite the executives at Fox to ask about our Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention trainings, which would help them and their staff learn a little more about what goes on above a woman’s shoulders.”

According to the Huffington Post, the mistake wasn’t caught the first time around. When the station ran a shorter version of the segment later in the hour they showed the same inappropriate footage.

Here’s the video of Fox CT’s Women’s Day coverage.

The station posted a statement on its Facebook page saying that the cleavage footage was mistakenly broadcast.


The station wrote: “FOX CT apologizes for mistakenly airing inappropriate file footage in conjunction with this morning’s report on Women’s Day at the Connecticut State Capitol. The video should never have aired. FOX CT will publicly apologize on today’s newscasts, as well as through our social media platforms. We are also implementing procedures to keep this from happening in the future. FOX CT is committed to recognizing and applauding the significant contributions of women, both in Connecticut and throughout the country.”

What do you think of Fox CT’s coverage?